Ryan’s Birthday Party

On Saturday we went down to Long Island for cousin Ryan’s 6th Birthday party. Maddie got into a fight with another girl over a boy but more on that later.
We arrived Saturday morning, got some breakfast and got Maddie dressed and ready for the party.

I think Laurie was going for the Janice Japolin look.

My stockings match my jacket. So what? Wanna make something of it?

The party was held at Safe T Swim. It is an indoor pool facility that offers swim lessons and children’s birthday parties. I guess adult could have their parties there too, but people will talk.  They have a room right next to the pool for pizza,cake, ice cream, soda, stuff that makes you fat.

Empty Party Room

Maddie and the birthday boy, Ryan

Maddie telling the story of her and Bobby McGee.

Safe T Swim is a good idea, provided they have the right staff. Problem was (or is) the teenage lifeguards could give a shit less about your child. This was evident in the fact she kept circling the pool picking up kickboards, pool toys, etc. I swear she could have gotten distracted by a shiney nickle. She might have looked at the water twice. As a former beach lifeguard, I am thinking she should sit her ass down and scan the pool constantly. But that’s just me. So Laurie and I (and most other parents) decided that we would stay around poolside and watch Madaghan. Once we did that, things went smoothly.

Water wings don't fail me now

Alright who's ass am I gonna kick next?


Are we done yet?

Swimming lasted a good hour with no drowings. Just long enough to get the kids nice and tired. We got Madaghan dried off and back into the party room for her sugar fix. (You can see the pool in the background through the window)

Full party room

Got my milk. Put my cake right here...on my plate.

First pizza came out and the kids attacked it with reckless abdandon. Madaghan did not even give us grief about eating. She devoured it, hungry from all that swimming. Next, the Batman cake came out, we sang, the kids ate it. Good times had by all.


Turns out, Ryan has a girlfriend. Abigail, a 6 year old that lives around the corner. Abigail was not happy with Madaghan’s presence  at all. I suspect, Madaghan was not happy with this girl either. I swear I thought I was going to see a cat (kitten?) fight.

Abi: [to her mother] Um…is this girl coming back to Ryan’s house?

Abi’s Mom: Yes.

Abi: [lip curled, nose scrunched]……oh.

Seeing this, Madaghan grabs Ryan’s hand and pulls him away from Abigail and her mom. Abigail was not to pleased with this bold manuever from the 4 year old blondie.

Abi [to Ryan]: Which one of us are you going to marry?

Madaghan [ hands on hips] He is going to marry me!

Abi: Ryan you have to choose one of us

Ryan:  Einey-meeny miny mo… [points to Madaghan].

[Abi storms off, arms folded, clearly upset]

All Parents:”Abi, Madaghan is Ryan’s cousin. She can not marry him”

Abi: Ryan!! You have to marry me, you can’t marry her she is your cousin!

Ryan: [shakes his head and throws his hands up-clearly befuddled]

Poor guy. Having two women fighting over you on your birthday. I feel for him.

By the end of the night, Madaghan and Abi were BFFs.

Abigail, the other woman.

All BFF's now...


9 Comments on “Ryan’s Birthday Party”

  1. Busy-Dad-E says:

    Thank you for making me feel (extra) good about having 3 boys!


  2. hhhaaaaa!

    Oh Maddie, honey, this is just the start….


  3. dadshouse says:

    Great pics. I love the Janis Joplin/Bobby Magee angle. Ha.


  4. chris says:

    Oooooooohhhhhhh the drama !!


  5. bluesuit12 says:

    Haha kids are funny. The girls at the daycare I was helping out at were always trying to get the boys to marry them. Sometimes it worked and well, sometimes not so much.


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