“Bar is Almost Done” Party

On Saturday night Laurie and I threw a party. Well, I threw a party, Laurie threw up.

Super Husband



 I would not mention that.


Well you like to keep your balls in your wife’s purse right next to her lipstick.

Where was I? Oh the party.

I needed a dry run. I needed to know what worked, what didn’t and what design changes if any, were needed. How can I find all this out? By throwing a party and using my friends as research. I probably sounded like a broken record to them constantly asking :” ya havin’ a good time?” but I needed to know. Promise, next party I won’t ask a hundred times. Instead, if the party sucks, just simply walk up to me and kick me in the balls , I get subtlety.

I already had the liquor on site. Went out and bought that a few weeks ago. Check it out:

Liquor Line Up, Beer Pong Table and Dart Board

This past Thursday after work, I went to the supermarket  to buy the soda. Laurie went with Madaghan to get the food. But all those bottles of soda plus one four year old is tough to handle. All told, I got 75 bucks worth of freakin’ soda. I know what you are thinking….. What kind of party can you have with soda fat ass? ….A lame one is the answer.

75 bucks worth of lame party

But a few of my friends do not drink, and one mixes beer and soda.You read that correctly. You do not have to go back and read the words again…the ones swimming in your head are right: “mixes beer with soda“… He’s 76, and still rides a Harley. He can have beer anyway he damn well pleases.

While others, like AJ, (a.ka. duckhand), need soda for cocktails. Especially Ginger Ale. Mix Ginger Ale with Bombay Saphire and you have a nice easy breazy cocktail

We told people the party will start around 4. Truth be told, we were ready by 12 noon because that is how Laurie and I roll. My sister and her boyfriend Rob were first to arrive. Her brother, Dave and his wife Theresea were second to arrive.  They chipped in and helped with the final preperation. Move chairs here, get ice, fill this, move that etc etc.

 One thing more before we get into the pics…remember my post about how I would emerge from the closet like a knight in shining armour with a spare keg? It happened!  On Monday  I ordered a keg of Killian’s from Casey’s in Pine Bush. I picked it up on Friday morning and let it sit in the cold garage until needed. Sometime during the party, I was informed the keg was kicked. It was an older keg, I had it about 3 weeks and have had the guys over a couple of times, so I was not shocked.  As I walked behind the bar a scary thought crept in from out of the alcohol fog: “What if it is the CO2 tank?”



Than you’re fucked.

Thank  you Capt. Obvious. You dick.

 But! Chubby had a back up plan for that too. I asked AJ (duckhand) to bring down his spare tap just… in… case. For a second there I thought we almost needed it.  But the CO2 was fine, the keg was indeed just kicked. Brian and I changed the keg  and like Mariano Riveria coming in for the save and the win, the new keg perfomed like a champ I knew it would be. We changed it so fast, I am now fielding calls from NASCAR teams.

I wish I had more pics, but the only camera I had handy was my phone camera. Do I have a nice Fuji Camera sitting in a camera case? You betcha. Did I grab it? Of course not.

All of the clear pics here are from Linda: (blurry ones are my phone)

Laurie throwing darts like Ron Guidry


Laurie and Nicol (no "e") playing Beer Pong. They kicked ass.

Gloria and Karl

Stacey right after Beer Pong.

Karl and Cecil. Cecil is ordering one beer. Just one.

Cecil and Rob acting and looking tough.

Brian and Margaret throwing darts. Brian is tired from changing out the keg.

Stacey and Joanie. Mickey in the background at the Jukebox.

AJ and Margaret.


George and Stacey yappin it up.

Me. Fat.

Cecil, Karl, and AJ

Me mixing drinks

Cecil and Linda (thanks for the pics!)

Shaun, Doug, (Man, Myth.....Legend), Linda, Margaret and Grape Ape

Some of you will notice that after the second picture, there is no more pictures of Laurie. Well, that is because she partied way to hard in the beginning. Like a wild animal sprung from it’s child care cage, she attacked the beer like a junkie on a bender. Around 9:30, she went upstairs, threw up three times and went to bed.  My wife needs to learn how to party again.

Special shout out to Maritza, Nicol, and Theresea for taking good care of her while I tended to our guests. (I did carry her into bed-don’t think chubby hubby did not do nuttin’). After Nicol, Maritza and T put Laurie to bed, T decided she would lay down with her. Thanks again ladies!!

In summary, what did I learn from this party?

  • Always have a back up keg. Always. Even if it does not come in for the save, you can re load your kegerator with a full keg after the party. Win Win.
  • Always check volume left in the CO2 tank. 
  • Keep a tap on hand. Might never need it, but good to have.
  • Start time of 4 is a bit early, shoot for a 6 o’clock start
  • Organize who makes what food dishes a little better. Some things went, some things were not touched. Although does make for nice left overs.
  • More variety in music. Classic rock is good for just the boys, but can kill the party faster than the Islanders kill all hope for a successful season.
  • Remove all 12 minute Pink Floyd songs from the jukebox
  • Need a fridge for the garage
  • Have a camera at the ready
  • Laurie needs to eat before and during the party
  • No more Vodka Pong for Laurie.

All in all I think the party went over well. I hope everyone had a good time. If anyone reading this, has any pictures please send them my way.  Also, feel free to post postive and negative comments. This is the time to improve while the walls are still open.

I need a camera.


12 Comments on ““Bar is Almost Done” Party”

  1. stacy says:

    Hey Brian don’t forget to add pole dancing music…LOL I will send you a list of songs to add. Can’t wait to party again….lots of love


    • oshea12566 says:

      Hey Stacy-thanks for dropping by my blog… 🙂
      Yeah I need to spice the music up a bit- I have to much classic rock on there. Send that list. Next party is in the summer.


  2. Cecil says:

    Hey Brian…..this is not a negative comment, although Killians is a good brew, not everyone likes dark beer…..that would be me, haha. If I knew that’s all you had, I would have brought my own. Had a great time though!!!! So if you buy that extra fridge, throw some Honey Browns, Coors and Corona’s in there…..


    • oshea12566 says:

      Hey Cecil! Welcome to the blog! Stop by often….
      I appreciate the suggestion and it is in the works….Thankfully, this party was in the winter and the garage was cold enough. I am going to need a fridge for: ice, and a good mix of beers. Honey Browns, Coors, Coronas, Hineys, Blue Moon and whatever else people bring.
      There was a whole case of Corona’s in the garage! I think Mickey brought them.


  3. Damn I thought it was nice to have a bar a block away. In my actual house would be even more awesome (and I grew up living above a bar, so its quite reminiscent of home too!).
    Well done, everyone looks well and truly smashed- sign of a great bar/great party.

    Sorry to hear about Laurie! But if she lasted that long then she’s a better woman than I. I made it to 3 hours the other night in Ireland before falling asleep in the bar (in fairness I did wake up again…eventually, and start drinking again….eventually). Bah!

    My own to-do list for next time: Talk more, drink less. It’s being quiet that kills me, because I chug down the vodka limes.


    • oshea12566 says:

      Holy shit you slept it off than went at it again. You go girl. Add eat more to yout to do list and you and Laurie have the same agenda! The party will last longer, or in y our case the nap will be shorter. I have to admit having a bar in the house is pretty cool. Just one flight of steps to a cold glass of Killians on draft. It is starting to be worth the effort, money and time invested.


  4. Gloria says:

    Lower case b… I must be one of the guys, cuz I thought the music was great!!! Or maybe I’m just old!!!


    • oshea12566 says:

      Hey Gloria! Welcome aboard..stop by often.
      See, I thought the music was great, but some of the girls wanted more upbeat. It’s hard to please everyone! But I think we all did a good job at the music selection, it was a good mix. I just need to put music on the jukebox that I hate.


  5. Woody says:

    Congrats. Looks like fun!

    Big mistake though… now that you’re enjoying the space you’ll never bother to actually finish it.

    I know this all too well. Shall I post pictures of my doors without doorknobs and my future bathroom / luggage storage area to make my case?


    • oshea12566 says:

      LOL- I know I was afraid of using the space and neglecting to finish it. I do not think my wife will allow that to happen. She is sick of looking at open walls.


  6. jeanmarie says:

    Looked like a fun time. How come no pictures of your sister? Tell Laurie, I’ve been there! Looking forward to being in the O’Shea pub one day.


    • oshea12566 says:

      There isn’t pictures of alot of people. Diane was to busy playing Beer Pong. I did not have a camera like a fool. Next party, there will be more pics!


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