Jeep Trail Ride

On May 5th, we went on another Jeep ride with the Hudson Valley Jeep group. One of the guys was turning 40 (again) and he held a BBQ at his house. Luckily nearby there are some novice off roading trails.

Special thank you to Craig for having us all at his house for his birthday. I know my family and I had a wonderful time!

Here are some pics and some videos:



Jeep Meet / Greet / Drink

On March 31st, I organized another Jeep Meet and Greet and Drink event at the O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub.

As you will see in some of the pictures, I might have had a mishap. The rear axle may or may not have slid all the way back to give the rear bumper a little kiss and the rear driveshaft may or may not have slipped out and was hanging in the dirt.

These things happen when Jeepin’

Now here is an example of the “It’s a Jeep Thing, You wouldn’t understand” Everyone chipped in to help to get the BushWrangler back into shape. We had the mentality of “No Jeep left behind” A real sense of community. If you want to teach your kids about teamwork, and helping one another out, take them on off roading in a Jeep.

Special thanks to Joel Larsen and Mike Sadler for getting down  and dirty and fixing the Jeep!! You guys rock. Free beers for life at O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub!

Click on any picture to see the Gallery!


1st Snow Day of 2012

We finally got snow this winter. I say finally because I was anxious to try out my new truck’s 4×4 capabilities in the snow. Sadly, the new Ford spent the day in the garage and the Jeep got the green light.

Small church down the street

 Where are we going? BEst buy! We needed to purchase Madaghan’s own xbox 360 controller so she can help kill Zombies and other monsters, villians and various space cadets.

The Jeep in BestBuy parking lotMaddie is happy she got her own controller. Even more excited about the Push Pop

When we got home, it was nap time for my girls and I went out and plowed the snow:

Nice Backhoe

So far this Winter has been snow-less and in the 40’s. I will take that every year. Sure plowing on the tractor is fun…once. The first snow fall of 2012 was even on a Saturday! Knock on wood this trend continues the next few months.


Broken Shock

Shocking news. The rear shock on the rear driver side tire came off.  In the picture below, the finger on the bottom should be connected to the finger on the top.

I guess from all the potholes around here, combined with some age, the  shock mount just could not take it. Joey to the welding rescue!

the Midas touch

Now you’ll notice Joey is not wearing his storm trooper helmet for welding. He was only tack welding..basicly just holding the piece in place.

Joey playing with his lite bright set.

Go Joe Go!

Excsue me..tire..move to the right please.

All fixed!..well except for some grinding.


In the picture below, you can see a square piece of metal Joey is adding to extend the stock bracket’s life and be able to take the added pressure of an after market shock on a lifted Jeep.

Adding the extra metal

Square metal added for more strength

Looks all bumpy and stuff, as this is before Joey grinded it and made it look all pretty. But really who cares what it looks like? It is under the car, and it just need to function. So Joey grinded  it all down and made it look nice. Then, he added a spray on rubber solvent to make it look like the axel had bad acne. The rubber will help keep the road salt away from the bracket to extend it’s life even further.

Rubber Solvent added


Joey- thanks for all your help! You are a good friend and can weld like a dirty slut. Not that too many sluts can weld..but imagine a slutty chick welding…ok closing out this post. 🙂

Thanks Joe.

Jeep Update

Sorry about my frustration-infused rant the other day. I was just mad at Fed Ex and their lying website.


We got the backseat in the mail yesterday!

New bar booth?

 Also as a bonus we got our stickers in the mail too!

Official Hummer Recovery Vehicle

We put those on right away. Ok, truth be told Laurie put them on because if I put them on, the stickers would be crooked.

A close up view:

Now, on to the bad news. It seems as if the Jeep and car wash had a disagreement. One thing led to another and the Jeep was left without windshield wipers that work. The car wash ripped them right off the motor! Awesome.

Joey to the rescue! Normally, I would have waited and brought the car to his shop, but with the impending ice storm, I wanted the wipers fixed so Laurie can drive it to work  in the morning. Thanks Joe!!

Joey folded the windshield down for safety. He hate seatbelts and wants nothing in his way as he flies through the air

Joey folded the windshield down to gain access to the wiper motor. The whatzimuzit got disconnected from the thingamajig and needed to be replaced.

Can your car fold its windshield down?

The wiper assembly is located inside the windshield and actually very easy to get to. It only took like half an hour to fix.

Here are a couple of pictures of Laurie leaving for work after the ice storm last night:

Backing out of the garage..


Have a good day at work!