Here we go again

I decided to take up the Weight Loss Battle again. We’ll call this WLBII. That’s Weight Loss Battle part II. Why now? Why not wait until the New Year? Simple. I do not want this to be a New Year’s revolution. I never kept those. So this is not a New Year’s revelation…I am simply picking up where I left off last time.

What happened to WLB I?

I lost it. A Taco Bell hard shell taco burst through the wall like the kool-aid man and kept shoving tacos down my gullet. It was so weird.

Anyway, WLBII will commmence at zero hour, 9am today. All the same rules as before will apply.

What are those rules?

I will weigh myself weekly and post the net weight loss daily. Plus or minus hopefully you will join me and throw some comments around of support. My goal is to look good in a bathing suit for Disney in October. We shall see. So, will you join me?


Shut up.


Lunch Craving Battle Won

Wanted to share with you guys a quick little victory. Remember the guy I wrote that dropped a Coconut bun on my desk yesterday? That same little skinny shit went out to get us lunch.  I was buying so he was flying. Plus, he is a rookie and that is part of being a rookie-get lunch. Anyway, he was supposed to get us grilled chicken sandwiches. He did. Good job. However, the skinny little shit got french fries for me on purpose. (with my own money mind you). I did not eat them and then proceeded to kick him in the balls.

Just kidding. I just politely turned them down. He told me he gave me two extra bucks in my change for the fries. 

But the bottom line is, I did not eat them. They were the good kind too. The deep fried ones. Some of them were so crunchy they were hollow. You know the kind I am typin’ about don’t ya?

Sparkle People

I lost 4 pounds! I got home yesterday from work, donned my workout crap and since it was snowing that meant no jogging walking.  I am not sure how I lost the 4 pounds, it has only been one day. Probably water weight or whatever the first five pounds is referred to. Does not matter! It was a step in the right direction.

It got me thinking, “how do you know you are fat?” and I think I have two good answers. One is when you loose five pounds and there is zero change in appearance, zero change in how your clothes fit. The other is when the cashier at Taco Bell knows who you are. That my friends is faaaaaat.

I signed up at, a website that tracks my calories for free. I enter my height,  my weight, and they provide me with my target daily calories intake, daily reports.

The website has two features I really like. One is that they include all fast food chain in their vast datbase of foods. If I loose the Craving Battle, I can plug  in “Taco Bell Hard Taco Supreme” (times 3) and check how much damage I did to the caloric intake for the day.  In the past when I lost the Battle even once, the devil sat on my shoulder and chanted:” oh, you blew it, now it does not matter…go ahead and get a Big Mac meal deal…start over tomorrow” Now, I say kiss my ass. With the help from the website, I can regroup and maybe go light on dinner and still be under the calorie count for the day. Or be over by just a little bit.  Ok OK a lotta bit.

The other feature I like is you can add foods  that are not already in the database. You name the food, and then fill in the provided blank nutrition label and then the new food gets added to your favorites.


I made it home yesterday without stopping anywhere. No little Big Mac snack before dinner.

Here is the battle I wage against myself daily:

Just one taco, you are already fat what is one more meal gonna do? You really did not want to start this  fight until tomorrow anyway . No one has read your blog yet, just get off of this exit, Taco Bell is right down the street. You want a #3 Taco Supreme meal with a Cherry Pepsi please. Small, because you do not want to be a glutton. Since you are already having one, might as well have the whole meal right? It is a meal deal right?

Happy to report I did not stop.  Made it home. I think that little voice inside my head is the devil trying to kill me with sour creamy goodness. I beat him today, tomorrow who knows.

Fighting these cravings is an everyday battle. More accurately, it is a battle fought hour to hour. Constent tempation abounds me. In fact just this morning at work, someone dropped a Coconut Bun on my desk. A nice one too, from Chinatown. Oh well, can’t win them all.