Madaghan’s First ATV

Rock on!


About a month ago when coming home from somewhere, Laurie spotted a tiny ATV on the end of our neighbor’s driveway. I hopped in the pick up truck, drove down the street and grabbed the ATV. Luckily, my neighbor was in the driveway and she assured that it was indeed, free. She also said she did not want her kids on it because it is too dangerous and goes too fast.


   Excuse me?

I got it home and immediately hit the google. I found out we are now in possession of a Kazuma Meerkat 50CC child’s ATV.  It is a Chinese-made knock off and tt got mixed reviews but, it was FREE!! I did like that it has a thumb throttle and speed control. By turning a screw on the thumb throttle, I can control just how far Maddie can push the throttle in and in turn, how fast she can go.  Also, the manual states the transmission is semi-automatic. No clutch, but gears still have to be changed. However, new riders can stay in first gear without having to worry about damaging the engine! Perfect for brand new riders.

I got it started and discovered that it needed some adjustments. I brought it over to my friend Russ who is a small engine repair extraordinaire. Yes, I meant that to rhyme. He tightened the chain, adjusted the throttle. Still needs a rear tire which is on order. OH and a full face helmet is on the way too.

Here is two videos of Maddies first experience on her very own ATV: (Ok, glorified Power Wheels but don’t tell her that)