Madaghan: Takes the bus, In A Magazine, New ATV

 Friday, April 20 was a busy day.First, Madaghan took the bus home from school for the first time:

First time on the bus!

Second, Laurie discovered Madaghan in a magazine:

Wait…discovered?…Yes. Laurie was in the waiting area of the salon thumbing through Pine Bush Quarterly. That’s right my town puts out a magazine. Every 4 months. Suck it New York City!

Guess which one is mine

When Maddie found out she was in a magazine, she ran around the yard screaming “I am famous!!” The doctor tells me my hearing should return soon.

Third, Madaghan’s helmet came in the mail:

Ground Control to Major Tom.....

 Fourth, Madaghan’s ATV is finished. New body, new seat, new tire, new battery. She is all set! First the before pic:  

Then a little elbow grease and TLC…



And finally… 

Whoops, forgot the seat for the pic.