Bar Build 055: Then & Now Videos

I thought it would be fun to post a couple of videos. One from 2009 and one from 2012 to illustrate just how far the bar build has come.






4th of July

This year 4th of July fell on a Wednesday and was going to be Boring with a captial B. Since Laurie has to work the next day we did not have any major plans. My friend Doug M, has a fireworks license and was tasked by his company to put on a fireworks show at Villa Roma Resort located in Callicoon, NY.  This would be his biggest show so far and he needed some help loading and unloading the racks, building the supports for them, loading them, then after the show breaking everything down and loading them on the truck. Doug told Mike, Becky and I that it would be a long day with alot of hard work and heaving lifting. He was not kidding. We got started at 11am:

WWII bunker that stores all the fireworks.

Heavy Doors. Reminds me of the blast door in Wargames.

OK, well maybe not…

Missiles used to hang from the ceiling.

Tubes ready to be unloaded.

Doug keeps watch over his flock

Building supports for the tubes

Being leered at while building supports. Chubby got back.

Fireworks dropped off by the Hazmat driver. Nobody smoke near the explosives please.

Supports built. Time for lunch.

Ok, load ’em up!!

Instant hand remover!

Loading up the finale.

loaded and fuses ready to be lit

Break the boxes down, put them in the truck.

Is the Finale done yet?

Holy shit….still wiring the Finale??

The crew right before showtime.

Rained for about 8 minutes, but still had to cover the tubes with aluminum foil

What the hell is that light?



By 2 am, I had blisters on my feet, major case of swamp ass and a not-so-fresh feeling. Would I do it again? You betcha’. It is a Thursday next year.

Madaghan’s Vegetable Stand

On Saturday, we brought down Harvest 2011 to Laurie’s parents house on Long Island:


The plan was to set up a Vegetable & Lemonade Stand for Madaghan so she can sell the vegetables from her garden and of course, she would keep all the money she made.

First, Laurie made a sign and put it on the car window that was parked right out in front : 



Next, we got the stand ready. Ok, it was a piece of plywood on sawhorses covered by a tablecloth, but really, what else do you need?

Yes, that is Madaghan under the table

Next, we brought out all the vegetables and set them on the table:


But before we officially open, we must do a practice run:

Finally, before the first customer arrives,  what do  you do for last minute preparation? Brush your hair of course!:

Gotta...get....the knots...out...

After the practice run, the dress is on and the hair is brushed, we are now open for business:

May I offer you some squash?

First Customer!!


Second customer! (Jemma from next door!)

After the second customer, I stopped taking pictures because…we got busy! Holy cow Long Islanders looove their vegetables! Even the pickles at $5 bucks a jar sold out!

Laurie's Home Made pickles!


Sold out!! (mostly)


When all was said and done,  only half the lemonade remained, a few butternut squash and the weird looking tomatoes remained.

Maddie walked away with 50 bucks!

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Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010

This year,  I worked the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I got up at 3am, drove to the Manhattan, and at about 5 30 or so found myself  waiting outside this Winnebego umm..I mean Command Post.  I was assigned to the end of the parade escorting the stars back to their respective black limos.

Great for camping or a base camp for a parade.


My post was at the end of the parade, just beyond Macy’s. The stars would lyp sync their song in front of the blue smurf and head towards my direction. I was tasked with making sure no one tried run down the street or try to steal any of the celebrities.

Here was my post

Sesame Street float.


Some clown that likes hamburgers. Alot.

I forgot to mention that behind me was all the limo driver’s waiting to pick up the celebrities. It is not everyday you see this:

How come Boots can't go in the limo? Is The Map allowed in? He would probably be useful.


She waved at me!! It was love at first sight.


She could not resist the chubby irishman!


Miss America.


Me and Kylie Minogue


WHo the hell is Kylie Miongue you ask? Click here.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica begged me for a picture...what can I do?

Me as a float.


A closer look


Kung Fu Panda.


A balloon that needs no introduction


Spidey crawled right over me.


Buzz Lightyear


Mini Rockettes


Melissa Rivers


Joan Rivers

The Big Man himself.


All in all it was a good day I guess. I know I am lucky to have been so close…good times.

Halloween 2010

Saturday night we threw a last-minute Halloween party.  By “we” I mean entire neighborhood. The best part? It was all Madaghan’s idea.  Laurie and I decided after the Summer Bash there would be no more parties for a year while we concentrated on finishing the bar. That hard and fast ruling lasted one week, when Madaghan asked ” Mommy, can I have a Halloween party”?
Sure ya can my sweet cherub. We said we would have a small one, not invest alot of money, one keg instead of two, no new liquor, etc etc. That thought came and went too. 
Special thanks to my friends that contributed to a great Halloween get together!
  • AJ (Duckhand) for the use and help set up of the tents, fire pit, lights and general baffoonary.
  • Joey G for a big load of wood yet again.
  • Bonnie G for a big tray of Ziti
  • Nicol S for trays of chicken wings
  • Becky and Amy F for the pinata and dry ice in the pumpkin.
  • Meg H for black and orange jello-shots, black and orange table cloths
  • Doug & Shaun M for the use of their patio heater
  • Rob for wiring the dimmer switches and so we can turn the lights down low…AND for bartending!
  • Sista’ Diane for making the kick ass knock out egg rolls.
  • Doug M and Mike F for the scary walk and fire works!





“Umm.. you forgot your wife”




oh you Super, I did not forget my wife. I was saving her for last. Jerk. Stop blowing up my spot and go hang out at Dave Mott’s house…he is a Super Dad with a great blog to prove it. Be gone with you.

 ” Just lookin’ out for ya pal..”

Thanks, I appreciate it….now off you go. I have pics to show.

 Ok on with the debauchary:


Aunt Diane teaching Madaghan how to play Soda Pong. No Beer Pong for another 17 years.




Thanks Doug & Shaun M.! for the patio heater

Nice cabinets!

The straw makes it extra scary

You can never have to much plaid

Killian's in trouble...quick! To the beer-cave!

Gloria and Karl make their entrance. What is Karl grabbing?

Big "A" (and little penis arrive)

Me and my star students.

Laurie and her co ed.

Scott the Scottsman added to the plaid fun.

Escaping Skeleton!! Where is Batman and Robyn when you need 'em?

Oh, there they are. Slackers....

Nicol bartending. And yes I spelt her name right. Nicol, no E.

Me and the wife. And a pumpkin.

Mike F feeding his little friend.

Amy and Becky put together a pinata and Maddie was intent on taking it apart.

Not everyday Batman is in your mancave choosing tunes.

Flip Cup is on!

AJ and Meg H.

Darlene, Lance and Joe and some fog.


All ya all just squish in a little tighter please..

Stacey and Maritza all smiles

Meg and Darlene.

Maritza and Mickey


The Hooter's girls arrived. And some dude.

Darlene, Lance and Carly.

We had a lot of fun! I regret not taking any pics of the scary walk because Doug M and Mike F really outdid themselves putting the whole thing together. We had the kids walk down the long driveway and about halfway Doug  remotely lit off fireworks from the bottom of a dried up pond. Then, the kids continued on down the path where we had fog, scary ghosts, black -lighted spider webs, various people jumping out of the woods and other various ghoulish displays. They were so happy and cheerful watching the fireworks in the beginning, then we made them scream and cry, the way Halloween oughta be. Of course, this scary walk is version 1.0. V2.0 does not come out until Halloween 2011, with massive improvements. We’re talkin’ chainsaws and orange jumpsuits. We want the adults scared too.

 Here is some more bonus pics: