Fall is Coming

Just as leaves changing on trees is a sure sign of fall, around the O’Shea Estates a sure sign is the delivery of Wood Pellets (a whole ‘nother story) and the covering of Lake O’Shea.

This year, the pellets and the Lake were both covered and delivered on the same day:


Wood Pellet delivery day means stacking alot of 40lb bags. The tractor can only lift 1,000 pounds and each pallet is 2,000 pounds (1 ton). So, I would pull the tractor up to the pallet, load about 9 bags into the bucket then drive the tractor into the garage and unload said 9 bags onto an empty pallet, stacking as high as I can reach. Repeating this process about 33 more times.


Garage Before Pic:


Garage After (2 days later)


Up next I will be removing the bucket of the tractor and replacing it with the plow- a sure sign of Winter.


4 Comments on “Fall is Coming”

  1. Living in Texas we don’t get much changes in weather, but I can always gauge the seasons by the wood pellet purchase 😀


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