New Jeep!


On Tuesday, September 3rd we finally went out and bought a 4 door Jeep. We sold the 2 door, built for off road Wrangler for 4,000 and used the money as a down payment on a 2009 Sahara 4 door with 50K miles on it.

Laurie loves it! The Freedom top comes off in 3 pieces. 2 of the pieces come off with no tools and are very light, a task that can be done in mintues. Having 4 doors and more cargo space makes life easier for a busy mom with a little one in tow.


3 Comments on “New Jeep!”

  1. Beauty! Doesn’t look like that one has been out in the bush 🙂


  2. Blue is my favorite color..and oh..I love your new jeep, perfect for family outing! 🙂


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