Bar Build 056: Barfloor Stain

I know what you are thinking as you start to read this post-Holy shit it is a Bar Build Update. Finally!

Ever since I started this bar building endeavor, the floor has been forgotten about- banned to the “to be done someday” bin. To me, it did not make sense to do anything with floor until the major construction was done. Well major construction is done, has been done for 2 years now. Tired of the unsealed concrete generating more dust then a hoarder home, I decided to do something about it.

I ordered 2 gallons of Java Brown Stain and 2 gallons of Clear Sealer from a company called Fabcrete for a total of $194. Not too shabby- a whole floor done for 200 bucks? Not bad.

Last week, I borrowed a mop and bucket from my friend Doug and mopped the bar floor. Twice. Once with Dawn soap, once with just water. Here is a before pic taken right after I mopped:


Next, I took Madaghan out for ice cream:


After we got back, I wrapped the bottom half of the bar in brown paper. Note to self: Use cardbard next time:


Then took inventory of materials needed: Garden Sprayer (to spray the stain onto the floor), 2 gallons of Java Brown stain, 2 gallons of sealer:


Now it was time to apply the stain by spraying in circles untl the concrete was wet, backing out of the room while wearing cotton socks. First coat:


The next day and another coat:


Wait 24 hours, and mop with water and baking soda to stop the staining process.

Wait 24 hours, then coat with sealer. Wait 24 hours coat with sealer again.

Finally, done:




4 Comments on “Bar Build 056: Barfloor Stain”

  1. Eugene says:

    so why use cardboard next time?


  2. Eugene says:

    oh yeah and it looks awesome. GREAT JOB!!


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