Hurricane Sandy

The super storm arrived during high tide and a full moon and not many people expected the storm surge we got.

When the weatherman has his sleeves rolled up, shit is serious.

It sucked for everyone-especially those in Queens and Staten Island.


Those are just some of the horrific pictures.

The job had us working 12 hour shifts for the duration of the recovery and I have to say the 12 hour tours were not as easy as they were in 2001.

As for us, our house lost power for about a week but we barely noticed thanks to my stand-by generator:

Oh 13Kw Generac How I love thee!

The white propane tank holds enough propane for about a week. The mustard colored box houses the 13Kw generator that turns on automaticly when the power goes out, and will even shut itself off when the power comes back on. It runs everything in the house except for the dryer and electric cooking stove. But, we got the stove covered:

Madaghan demonstrates how to rough it during a disaster

That is a Coleman Max camping stove on the glass stove top. Life is tough, I know.

We sustained minor damage to the privacy fence on the pool deck:

Madaghan points to deck damage a’la Price is Right Girl while wearing a nice hat.

You all remember Joe Russek the man that built the deck and lives across the street? Well, he fixed the deck two days after the storm. I did not even have to ask. He just came over and did it.

The day after the storm, Me, Madaghan, Aunt Shaun and Uncle Doug took a ride around the neighborhood to survey the damage:

You Shall Not Pass!

Clearing the road.

Closeup of tree down on the block, covered in wires

After the tour of the neighborhood, we stopped for lunch:

Madaghan discussing the finer points of milk.

When we got back, Madaghan helped clean up the yard:

It could have been alot worse for us. For Laurie’s parents- it was. During the storm surge, the water came up to the house and flooded the first floor about a foot deep. They had to escape to the second floor and hope the water did not come up any higher. It came up to the second step on the staircase. Everything is ruined. Appliances, oil burner, floor, embroidery machine- everything. FEMA is no help. Insurance company is playing games with the covereage. Right now, as I type this, they are living in a hotel while their house is gutted by a contractor. We offered for them to come live with us, but Dad still has to work and it is just too far. Hopefully, they can move back into their house once the oilburner and floor is replaced.

I will keep all my loyal readers posted.


2 Comments on “Hurricane Sandy”

  1. shoes says:

    I am glad to hear you are ok. Those are some crazy storm pictures!


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