Simple Sunday- Madaghan has Pneumonia

We took Madaghan to Urgent Care on Sunday because her fever kept spiking. Good thing we did as the chest x ray revealed Pneumonia. So, Doc prescribed some strong meds and gave us the green light to go to school as Pneumonia is not contagious. Plus, she’ll probably feel better going to school to keep her mind off things.

Being sick sucks.


6 Comments on “Simple Sunday- Madaghan has Pneumonia”

  1. SCHOOL? Pneumonia wipes you out and takes your body time to recover to avoid a relapse. She isn’t going back until that x-ray is clear of all infiltrates. Give me that doctors name NOW!
    Your RN friend in Illinois


  2. shoes says:

    Poor Madaghan – being sick really does suck. Hope she is feeling back to her old self in no time.


  3. MBIII says:

    How is Madighan feeling?


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