Jetta Rescue

After a 12 hour shift on Thursday, I climbed into the Jetta, turn the key and was granted the same reaction as most of my jokes. Nothing. Turn the key, dashlights, radio, and interior lights all go on but when the key is turned: crickets. Dejected and tired, I took the train home. “Poor Jetta, is this the beginning of the end?” I wondered as I rode the rails. In truth, I kind of hoped so. I have been driving that car for the past 8 years and have grown tired of 5 speed in traffic.

“I would drive it without complaining. After all some people drive their cars for more than 8 years”

Shut up Superhusband. Don’t you have khakis to iron? While you are right that some people drive thier beloved vehicle more than 8 years, I have spent about 3 hours a day, 265,000 miles. Basicly, hours spent inthe Jetta is almost the equivelent of a part time job. Imagine if you got home from work, and as your second job you had to go sit in your car for 2 hours before you had dinner.

So, yeah I had happy thoughts of how this may be the beginning of the end for the Mighty Jetta.

But no. My friend Joey Griffin has to save the day again. For my loyal readers, this is the same Joey that fixed the shock on the Jeep. While fighing the urge to vomit from the smell and sound of some slob eating KFC on the train, I sent Joey a text about what happened. Joey told me he could tow the Jetta on Sunday for 100 bucks, some diesel, and lunch. “DAMMIT!!!” I thought, but texted “Great! Thanks!” Then I got up and moved to the No Slobs Allowed Car. I did not find it. So I wept openly in the aisle and got down on my knees and cried: ” why God!!? Why me?!!” I kid. I did move another car tho.

The Mighty Jetta. Not so Mighty.

Contrys Automotive 845-791-8710

Sadly taken home.

As of press time, the Mighty Jetta is at Contry’s Automotive getting a new starter.


  • Special thanks to James M. Contrys for the truck.

4 Comments on “Jetta Rescue”

  1. Perhaps instead of jumping inside, jamming keys into her ignition and expecting instant fire, you might have remembred to kiss her goodbye in the morning, she might have had a warmer welcome back reception for you. Did you ever think of that?!?!


  2. shoes says:

    I am sorry to hear that your car troubles are being fixed.


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