Camp Dad

With no daycare, no summer camp and Mommy having to work, that leaves one option: Dad. By sheer dumb luck, I had chosen this week as a vacation pick so no schedule jostling, babysitting finding had to be done.

Day One: ATV Fix and Ride.

Maddie’s ATV needed a new chain or at least a link removed from the current one. With friends like Russ who is an expert on small engine repair, I decided to try and have a link removed. So Maddie and I piled into the truck- ok, climbed nicely into the truck and headed over the mountain to Russ’. He removed the link, gave us a new master link and sent us merrily on our way. I tried to pay Russ and was meant by a swift kick in the balls. I kid. He punched me in the face and I drove home crying like a little girl. When we got home and Madaghan wiped my tears away, I got to the business of putting the chain back on. It worked:

Day Two: Fishing

When we were in North Carolina, Madaghan took a liking to fishing even got her own light green fishing pole with pink string. She was hooked. Get it? Sorry. Anyway, since she liked fishing so much, I thought it would be fun to try our luck at fresh water fishing. Off to the town lake we go:

We had a very good day fishing.

Day Three:  Bowling

Before we went bowling, I was treated to Madaghan singing “California Girls” by Katy Perry. Not one lesson:

All 3 of my loyal readers might recall by harsh review of Hoe Bowl. This visit however, was vastly different.

Not only was the place clean, the one friendly guy working was doing his job well. Handing out shoes, cooking hot dogs, clearing lane malfunctions. Well done this time Hoe Bowl.

I taught her everything she knows about bowling.

mmmm bowling alley hot dog. Yummy. (Actually was good!)

Day Four and Five. Boring stuff.

The last two days of the week Madaghan and I decided to chill out at the house and go in the pool.


Ok, you caught me Captain Obvious.

That was obviously bullshit. YOU decided to chill out at the house.

Kiss my ass Capn’.

Sadly, the douchbag in the creepy tight orange shirt is right- I decided we were to chill out at the house and ride the ATV, swim in the pool, play Nintendo Wii, etc.

I had a great week with the cherub and can not wait to do it again.


4 Comments on “Camp Dad”

  1. Good job daddy! Memories she’ll remember. Daddies are often felt to be to disposable in todays society which is why crime is so high. All kids need days of fishing and crap food eating.


  2. MBIII says:

    Camp Dad sounds awesome! I want to go next year!

    Way to go Maddie — nice fishing.

    You know there is a ‘fine line’ between a guy fishing and a guy just sitting on his butt doing nothing. 🙂


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