Summer Bash 2012

Saturday night we had our Summer Bash to kind of celebrate the pool deck being completed and a reason to get together with friends. I hope everyone had a good time, as alot peeps traveled and great long distance. A word about the following pictures. I forgot to take pictures during the day because I was too busy cooking, hosting, drinking and being an all around super guy. The following pictures were taken by very drunk people after I found someone’s camera left on the bar. I thought:” Oh shit. Look. Someone’s camera. I forget to take pictures. I should take some now. I need another drink.” Those were my exact thoughts. So, without further adue, I present thee fair and loyal reader some pics of the Summer Bash 2012 taken around midnight because some dumbass (me) forgot to take pictures like he said he would.



Remote control bartender.

Cheers to my readers.

Anthony goes down on a bucket.

Rob and Diane. ROb makes a patented Rob face.

Doug and Mike behind the bar.

Where are my sunglasses?

Diane is not feeling centered.

Oscar, Mike and Efraim in size order.

Ryan chillin like a mo fo in the pregnant lady chair.

Doug and I share a moment.

Diane makes a point to have another drink

Joe just found out that my check for deck bounced.

Laurie blames the flash for this picture. I blame the Mojitos.

AJ wondering who is shining the spot light in his face.

Again, it’s the flash’s fault.

Good times were hopefully had by all. Next party, I will be asking the wives and girlfriends of my friends to please bring along any and all single ladies they know. Hell even bring non single ladies willing to flirt, I don’t care. Women complain about not being able to meet a nice guy, where have they’ve all gone? why are the good ones taken? Well newsflash ladies: there was plenty of single, handsome, well employed, funny, down to Earth gentleman attending and you ladies missed it.


4 Comments on “Summer Bash 2012”

  1. I never got my invitation. Maybe lost in the mail? I am pretty rural. Or maybe you just have some deep seated prejudicial anger towards midlife farmwives and instead of just telling me to my face you passively diss me by “forgetting” to send the invitation. No way to treat your biggest (and I believe longest) blog fan. No way at all. See if I invite you to my next piglet castration party.


  2. shoes says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all!

    So are you telling me that you have all the cute, charming, well employed, single men stashed away in your basement bar in a slight (or more than slight) intoxicated level? Fifteen years ago, when my friends and I were all single, we were wondering where they all were. 🙂


    • Yup! I keep a plethora of men in my basement at all times!

      That paragraph was directed at a few single ladies that said they were definetly coming and bringing friends but they were nothing but a no call/ no show. I mistakenly but all my eggs in one basket (ha ha ha get it?) and did not bother to ask any of the other wives/girlfriends to invite some of their friends. I will not make that mistake again.


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