4th of July

This year 4th of July fell on a Wednesday and was going to be Boring with a captial B. Since Laurie has to work the next day we did not have any major plans. My friend Doug M, has a fireworks license and was tasked by his company to put on a fireworks show at Villa Roma Resort located in Callicoon, NY.  This would be his biggest show so far and he needed some help loading and unloading the racks, building the supports for them, loading them, then after the show breaking everything down and loading them on the truck. Doug told Mike, Becky and I that it would be a long day with alot of hard work and heaving lifting. He was not kidding. We got started at 11am:

WWII bunker that stores all the fireworks.

Heavy Doors. Reminds me of the blast door in Wargames.

OK, well maybe not…

Missiles used to hang from the ceiling.

Tubes ready to be unloaded.

Doug keeps watch over his flock

Building supports for the tubes

Being leered at while building supports. Chubby got back.

Fireworks dropped off by the Hazmat driver. Nobody smoke near the explosives please.

Supports built. Time for lunch.

Ok, load ’em up!!

Instant hand remover!

Loading up the finale.

loaded and fuses ready to be lit

Break the boxes down, put them in the truck.

Is the Finale done yet?

Holy shit….still wiring the Finale??

The crew right before showtime.

Rained for about 8 minutes, but still had to cover the tubes with aluminum foil

What the hell is that light?



By 2 am, I had blisters on my feet, major case of swamp ass and a not-so-fresh feeling. Would I do it again? You betcha’. It is a Thursday next year.


3 Comments on “4th of July”

  1. Really really impressive. My dad the Ilinois cop used to help set up fireworks in the little village of Warrenville in Illinois.in the late 60’s. I could never figure out why he was gone all day and why he seemed so dissapointed when the fireworks were over. Thanks for helping me understand my da just a little bit more. Nice job you all did!!


  2. shoes says:

    Dang, those are some serious fireworks! They put our smoke bombs, ground blooming flowers, and sparklers to shame. 🙂


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