Madaghan’s Piano Recital

On Saturday Madaghan made her stage debut performing “The Butterfly Song” for a paying crowd of eager parents:

Outside, waiting to go in.

oooo programs and everything! 🙂

The piano is all set

Posing before the show begins

Waiting for the show to begin

First a group number

Finally, it is Madaghan’s turn at the piano! Click pic below to watch short video and be on the look out for the slick one -handed piano playing.

Finally after a few hours of other students showing off what  they learned, it was time for the finale:

Then to close out the show, another group number.

Good job Maddie!!


5 Comments on “Madaghan’s Piano Recital”

  1. Anonymous says:

    shes a real beauty! and notice she was ready to handle the sound emergency too. gorgeous!


  2. shoes says:

    Oh my gosh she is cute!! I love the one hand piano playing, sometimes a girl just had to fix her hair. And those cute sparkly shoes – I want a pair of those.


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