Memorial Day Weekend 2012

This weekend was another whirlwind weekend at the O’Shea estates. I took Friday off so I would not have to deal with weekend warriors from Long Island coming upstate to play country-boy for the weekend with their giant way too clean, pristine-never-been-off-road-too-much-chrome trucks loaded with coolers and of course ATVs that only see the woods a few weekends a year. Bitter? Nah…just wish they would stay out of the land hand lane. 🙂

Where was I? OH! Life in the country… Maddie was off Friday too. So we took the dirty, actually been off road, pick up truck to McDonald’s: 

On Saturday night, we had some friends over for a fire in the backyard and some fireworks:


Some of you might notice a big green thing in the background of the pic above. That is the slide we bought from someone in the neighborhood and will be built onto the deck.


On Sunday, we went to the Middletown Arboretum to visit the 9/11 Memorial (click HERE to read my story) and to take pictures of their pondless waterfall. We have a spot in our yard where the rain collects and we thought putting rocks there and a nice water feature would make it look more betterer.

9/11 Memorial


Names of those lost from the area

Then we took pictures of the pondless waterfall:

Laurie stands in the non pond and looks at the waterfall.

Maddie looks for frogs in the pondless pond.


That night, our friends the Forstners had a BBQ.  They are lucky enough to have a pond on their property and Maddie tried her hands at fishing:

Mike shows Maddie the basics

First Fish! Nice pants!


First Sushi!

I was lucky enough to have Monday off. The NYPD gives us veterans the day off. It is a nice perk. I got tired of not having a deck and not being able to see Maddie in the pool so in true redneck fashion,  I backed the truck up next to the pool. Suck it Building Dept.!


Surfer girl!



Can we build a deck now?



2 Comments on “Memorial Day Weekend 2012”

  1. Eugene says:

    Great Idea with the truck….but the deck would be so much better.


  2. Nothing wrong with your “deck” unless you are making Maddie get to it through the back windows of your truck.

    Prayers for those lost in 911. I personally promise to never forget


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