Good Weekend

Kicked off Friday night by having Doug and Shaun over for lobster tails, shrimp, wine, beer, more beer.

To the younger readers: That is charcoal a grill.

Elton John meets Mythbusters.


 The next day, Doug and Shaun had a campfire at their place. I filled up the  growler with Blue Moon and grabbed my ladies and headed out.

In January, we gave our Christmas tree to Doug. Why? This is why:

Doug has a fireworks license. Madaghan knows this. She harrassed Uncle Doug until he lit some off:

There is a secret formula that allows you to burn your campfire different shades of blue. I am not talking about that shit you sprinkle on the fire that campgrounds sell. No, this is much different. I just wish the video showed the colors more betterer:


4 Comments on “Good Weekend”

  1. Funny, I looked twice but I didn’t see any raw milk in that frig. Still…your brew did look pretty nutritious.


  2. Few things better than blowing s*** up!


A good bartender always listens....

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