Mother’s Day Weekend

We had an extremely busy extended weekend. So, instead of boring you with my fantastic whimiscal writings, instead I will bore you with my fantastic whimsical pictures:


Picked up Madaghan Wednesday night on Long Island. She was at her grandmas house because Laurie was in Texas. Anyway, she was thrilled to be home:


The next day, while we waited for Laurie’s plan to land and for her to come home, Maddie past the time with her ATV:



That night, during bath time, Tommy voiced his opinion about Mommy not being home:

I explained to him that Mommy was on her way home from the airport and will arrive shortly. He felt better about things and had a drink:


Laurie came home and there was much rejoicing. Twice.  The next day we went and saw dreamy Johnny Depp:



All that Johnny Depp on screen makes one hungry. So we had some lunch:


On Saturday morning, Joe Russek from Third Generation Home Builders (and lives across the street) showed up for Operation Deck Build 2012:

While Joe was busy digging 4ft holes in our yard, we headed out to a tree store thanks to the gift certificate from our friends Doug and Shaun. We bought a tree:


Saturday night I watched Rangers Vs. Capitals in a game 7 playoff. Holy shit it was a good game. A bit blurry tho:



Tommy was routing for the Rangers too:



Mother’s day was a beautiful day. We tied Maddie’s sprinkler to the top of her playset. It is the orange thing in the picture:


The sprinkler was not enough. She begged us to go in the pool. So, we let her go in the pool thinking she would realize the water is freezing and would want to hop out. Nope she stayed in.




2 Comments on “Mother’s Day Weekend”

  1. I only trust that Laurie was able to “Rejoice….twice” as well.


A good bartender always listens....

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