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I researched how much beer I would need for about 30-50 guests because  I do not want to be the host that has a bar in his house and runs out of beer while the party is in full swing.

In performing my “research” I stumbled upon a few interesting facts about keg:

  • A Keg weighs 136 pounds
  • A keg holds 15 gallons of beer.
  • A keg has 25,810 calories.
  • A keg can serve 141 red cups of beer.

141 red cups of beer  is enough for 41 men to be over the legal limit in New York.

A similar quantity of beer in cans requires 6½ cases, or 165 cans of beer:

Kegs can serve about 141 red cups of beer at a cost of 62¢ each.

Do you accept WIC?


20 Comments on “Keg Facts”

  1. dwinship says:

    Don’t forget, that what goes in the keg can be as important as what comes out….


    • oshea12566 says:

      Very true. I usually go with Killian’s and not pee. But that is interesting. Wonder if Laurie will let me put in a keg urinal in the bathroom? Probably not.


  2. Murray says:

    A guy who throws a party and has a BACKUP keg of beer is my hero!! Gone looking for a good deal on airfare……….


  3. […] thing more before we get into the pics…remember my post about how I would emerge from the closet like a knight in shining armour with a spare keg? It […]


  4. chris milano says:

    brian, you are a class act…its lil things like an extra keg that make this world a beautiful place


  5. A. Spare. Keg.

    You have just joined the ranks of superheroes, my friend 🙂


  6. Jeanmarie says:

    For no special reason?!?!


    (oh yeah and the triplets 6th birthday – your Goddaughter who has lost 2 teeth already and had visits from the tooth fairy)


  7. dadshouse says:

    Super keg man to the rescue! Hope you have a great party. Keggers are always fun.


    • O'Shea Shenanigans says:

      It was kinda cool to run out at midnight and everyone was like oh no….but I had a keg hidden in the garage in a tub in ice with a blanket over it. No one saw it so when I emerged from the garage with it, I kind felt like a super hero for a split second.


  8. Keith Jaret says:

    every 20 minutes somethings sucks, this is how I view your and Laurie’s collective view on life

    should not be the case, but appears to be from my vantage


  9. Gotta a spare keg for my place?


  10. Bucky McFadden says:

    When is da partay???? I’m in!!!!


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