Madaghan: Takes the bus, In A Magazine, New ATV

 Friday, April 20 was a busy day.First, Madaghan took the bus home from school for the first time:

First time on the bus!

Second, Laurie discovered Madaghan in a magazine:

Wait…discovered?…Yes. Laurie was in the waiting area of the salon thumbing through Pine Bush Quarterly. That’s right my town puts out a magazine. Every 4 months. Suck it New York City!

Guess which one is mine

When Maddie found out she was in a magazine, she ran around the yard screaming “I am famous!!” The doctor tells me my hearing should return soon.

Third, Madaghan’s helmet came in the mail:

Ground Control to Major Tom.....

 Fourth, Madaghan’s ATV is finished. New body, new seat, new tire, new battery. She is all set! First the before pic:  

Then a little elbow grease and TLC…



And finally… 

Whoops, forgot the seat for the pic.



3 Comments on “Madaghan: Takes the bus, In A Magazine, New ATV”

  1. shoes says:

    Nice! My boys love riding the school bus. And I bet they would be all about having their own ATV.
    I would be a little freaked out to find a picture of my kids in a magazine without knowing it was happening first. She looks pretty darn cute in the picture though. 🙂


    • We were a bit freaked out too. Then we remembered that when you sign up with Boys and Girls Club you do sign a release. We also remembered that did tell us your child could be used in an advertisement we occasioanlly have professional photographers blah blah blah…they did say all those things. You never think it would happen until one day…’sho enough…BAM! Your child is in an ad.


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