Jeep Meet / Greet / Drink

On March 31st, I organized another Jeep Meet and Greet and Drink event at the O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub.

As you will see in some of the pictures, I might have had a mishap. The rear axle may or may not have slid all the way back to give the rear bumper a little kiss and the rear driveshaft may or may not have slipped out and was hanging in the dirt.

These things happen when Jeepin’

Now here is an example of the “It’s a Jeep Thing, You wouldn’t understand” Everyone chipped in to help to get the BushWrangler back into shape. We had the mentality of “No Jeep left behind” A real sense of community. If you want to teach your kids about teamwork, and helping one another out, take them on off roading in a Jeep.

Special thanks to Joel Larsen and Mike Sadler for getting down  and dirty and fixing the Jeep!! You guys rock. Free beers for life at O’Shea’s Neighborhood Pub!

Click on any picture to see the Gallery!



6 Comments on “Jeep Meet / Greet / Drink”

  1. mike sadler says:

    I had an awesome time bud! Thanks for letting My kid and I tag along in My 5.9 Grand Cherokee (ZJ). the House /Bar Party was a great addition to a trail ride. You did an awesome Job with the Pub. Let me know if you want help with the YJ.


    • Thanks Mike!! I can not thank you enough for fixing the Jeep out on the trail and saving my marriage. 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words about the pub. Much appreciated.

      I will be taking you up on that offer in the next few weeks, after Easter. See ya soon.


  2. Craig Suslosky says:

    awesome pictures Bushwrangler!! Hope to make the trail ride next time, though I really enjoyed the bar time 🙂 and meeting everyone, thanks again


  3. Patrick says:

    Thanks again for having me. It was a good time.


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