Jeep Meeting and Trail Ride

On February 18, I hosted yet another Jeep Meet and Greet. The first one was a big success but did not inclue a trail ride. I met some awesome people and decided to host another one. What the hell is a Jeep Meet and Greet you ask? See, I belong to the Wrangler Forum. A place where Jeep enthusiasts nerds such as myself gather to exchange information, argue over which model is better, exchange modification ideas, (where the hell can I mount the CB??), and trail locations. Star Wars nerds have their conventions, we have the Forum. Specificily, the Hudson Valley thread on the Forum.

Long story short, I post a date and time on the Forum and people show up because people like beers and Jeeps. Actually Jeep upside down and backwards IS beer. See:

At 1 pm, people started to show up with their Jeeps. Here is a quick photo of my driveway right before we headed out:

On the way to the undisclosed trail location (did not think it was going to be that easy did ya?), we pulled over to watch a hang glider guy slowly descend to his death. Honestly, those guys that do that are crazy. And thin. I am jealous.

This sign was on a random tree in the middle of the trail. I think NY State was trying to be funny.

Eventually, we traveled down the path and came to this:

Cross the streams

As soon as we pulled up to this obstacle, I immediately thought of this:

I am also an idiot.

Lined up at the stream

Mike F takes the spotting dutiesMe at full protonic reversal. (Crossing the Stream..oh nevermind)

After the babbling brook, we went for another mile or so until we came to a stream that about 10 feet straight down. No way to cross it, plus it was starting to get dark, and fixing a flat in the dark, in the mud, in the cold snow, especially with no spare tire, is not a fun task. We decided to turn around.


Ohhh that is why you are smiling. Ahhhh...

Move it on out! Noah

I followed Noah and decided to film alot more on the way out then I did on the way in. The first obstacle was the a very deep, narrow trench. Does not translate hot steep it was on the video, but it was unnerving especially with no spare. I am a dumbass.

Made it no problem. The more I drove the Jeep, the more confident and impressed I was at what this vehicle can do. Even stock, fresh out of the factory this is a very capable offroad vehicle.


Captain Obvious

  “That is something I would have said!!”
Yes, I realized that as soon as I typed it. Now go bother someone else please.
Where was I?
Oh we were heading back out…This  time we recorded ourselves crossing the mighty river stream:
After we all crossed, we headed back to civilization and Mike took a quick video of how close to the edge we were:
One of the guys on the trail (Noah) filmed the whole thing and posted this video to You tube:

Good times had by all!


5 Comments on “Jeep Meeting and Trail Ride”

  1. Years ago ( 1908 ? or was it 09?) when I was a bright and brave 19 year old in the Black Hills of SD, we would take our “outfits” AKA trucks, up into Spearfish Canyon and test the mecahnics of our vehicles, AKA act like eejts. It was great fun. We drank beer called Schmidts, no not Schlitz, I said Schmidts, and we usually made it home by spring.

    My first child was born 8.99 short months later.


  2. Jeams says:


    hee heee heee mud, lots of mud, mud everywhere. Good Times!


  3. That looks like it was fun.

    Only natural to see Wild Turkey in that area, too 😉


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