Shit New Yorkers Say.

I have alot of readers to my little ‘ol family blog from outside of New York. In fact, (excluding family) most of my readers check in from outside the Empire State.

Even tho the actors in the video seem to be portraying Hipster Douchebags, I still find it hilarious. I thought all ‘ya all would find it funny too. And true.


9 Comments on “Shit New Yorkers Say.”

  1. I was smiling and laughing, and then snorted coffee through my nose when she said “You read the Post?”, and rolled her eyes away.


  2. OK, so today while feeding calves, and shoveling manure, and bedding horses, and collecting eggs and checking new born piggies, I am going to talk like a New Yorker ALL day.

    My husband won’t even notice.


  3. You have just inspired me. I’m going to write a “Stuff Mormons Say” post. “Stuff,” not “shit,” because Mormons don’t swear.

    Which, incidentally, is my biggest reservation about Romney possibly being President. I just can’t imagine him scaring Ahmadinejad when he says “We’re going to bomb the heck out you!”


  4. […] Mormons Say Fellow blogger O’Shea Shenanigans had a great post about “Shit New Yorkers Say” recently, and it got me thinking about some of the weird sayings Mormons have here in Utah.  Now, […]


  5. Jeams says:

    so true. Hey check out this one. I was cracking up:
    it’s what Asian Dad’s say.


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