Playoff Football and A Show

This past Sunday, I was treated to watching the NFL playoffs AND a show in Madaghan’s Suite.


10 Comments on “Playoff Football and A Show”

  1. Loving Maddie’s suite. Showed the video to my 7 year old GK who was mighty jealous let me tell you. And about that truck…I am driving the exact same one here in central Illinois on the pig farm. Except it is red. It moves out nicely does it not? I too CANNOT WAIT for the big snow to hit!


  2. Dude…. I hope you have a shotgun ready, because young boys will be chasing that lovely and talented young lady of yours!


  3. shoes says:

    Love it – she has some great moves! 🙂 As a mother of two boys, I had to laugh at the comment left by SWASS (no, I had not heard that saying before). I am sure my boys will grow up to be lovely young gentlemen with nothing but their girlfriend’s best interests at heart.


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