New Truck!

I finally went out and made myself a tride and true country boy. I bought one of the standard pieces of equipment every country boy has: A pick up truck!

First Stop? Gas.

It is a 2005 Ford F-150 FX4, 88,000 miles Triton 5.4L V8, all for 14,000. Damn right I got a good deal because that is how chubby rolls.
Ha Ha.. “chubby rolls” that is funny.

The truck bed has a back cover on which I like because it will make trips to Long Island easier. I can put our pillows, luggage, toys, and all sorts of shit in the bed, then cover it in case of rain. The cover easily rolls back for when I am hauling more manly stuff like lumber or a keg.


Now commuting in the winter won’t be so stressful. I won’t have to constantly check The Weather Channel for the days weather praying I can make  it back and from work before our hill gets too bad.

Here is the picture of our hill we live on. It is the reason we bought a truck:

Steep slippery icy hell.

Those are my footprints. I took this picture last year on the day my faithful Jetta could not make it up the hill. I was sitting on the hood of the Jetta, aggravated and decided right then and there another 4×4 will be in the family.

6 Comments on “New Truck!”

  1. Eugene says:

    Wow nice nice….you’re gonna drive to the city with that bad boy? How many time are you gonna have to fill up on the way there and back lol.


  2. Are trucks legal in the People’s Republic of New York??


  3. Woody says:

    Nice! I’ve always been a GM guy, but may have to take a look at Ford’s. Then again, with Obamanomics in place I might have to keep my Colorado for 15 years.


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