Christmas Party

On December 17, my office within the NYPD had their annual Christmas party. Laurie, Maddie and I drove down from upstate to check out the festivities:

The Bomb Squad had their toy out for the kids to play with and by kids I mean the parents.

Bomb Sqaud Robot a.k.a sandwhich getter

Of course there would be face-painting and Maddie was ready for her closeup:

Face painting of course

Highway had one of their toys in the parking garage too:

Blonde on a bike. What is this? California?

The new Chevy Volt car made an appearance as well:

Are my lights on?


Look perps! I drive with no hands!

This beautiful. What is it? ..Velvet?

Then, finally, Santa made his grand entrance on a Harley:




A good bartender always listens....

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