Madaghan’s 6th Birthday

On Friday, we headed on down to my favorite place in the world: Long Island. I swear I did not complain this time, not once. This time it was all about my first born and I have to admit I had a good time….
First, we headed out further on Long Island to Laurie’s brother’s house. We had plans to go to Fun 4 All. I guess Fun 4 all had other plans for us because they were, well…closed.


                             “The Moose outside shoulda’ told ‘ya”
No. There was no moose. No stupid but loveable chubby security guard to inform us. Just a sign printed out and taped to the door. Bare minimum effort for the staff at Fun 4 All. Is that how you announce you are closing your establishment temporarily? Sure, if this was 1980. Of all the options available to Fun 4 all they chose a shitty taped sign to the window. How about something on your website? I would have loved to been in the meeting where someone decided that a taped sign was “good enough”? Who decided the bare minimum is “good enough”? I’ll guess who: A person that does not get their kid dressed, load her into the car, pay for gas to get there, fight traffic to get there, then have to deal with a child with a broken heart on her birthday.
Screw you Fun 4 All and your lack of information dissemination skills!
We would not be dismayed.
We headed off to Dave and Busters and quickly realized we should have went there first.  Madaghan and cousin Ryan were handed cards and off they went to play the games that give out tickets. Laurie headed to the bar and got us margaritas. That’s why I married her. The kids won a million tickets (give or take) and had a blast. Did you know that the tickets you win can then be turned into points to be spent at a little shop? No wonder kids were running around with cups full of tickets like a bunch of gambling addicts.
The kids took a break from hoarding tickets and gave a pretty cool game called “Typhoon” a shot:

Prepare for take off!

Officially Six!

 No, Madaghan is not having a party all by herself. We are all off to the right singing Happy Birthday. I promise. We ain’t that mean. It would be funny I agree with you, but mean.

Smile it it is your first time on skates!

Considering it was Maddie’s first time on skates, she did really well. By the way my belly makes a rare appearance in all of it’s orange glory in the above pic.

Off we go!

Here is Maddie in action:


3 Comments on “Madaghan’s 6th Birthday”

  1. Eugene says:


    The next cone was way too far away. Good skating maddie.


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  3. Exit says:

    Nah, one of these days they will either pack their own lunch or go out with their fednris. In a car. With money they made in a part time job, or babysitting. And that in itself is another chapter! I personally have some trouble adjusting to each new chapter actually, sometimes I have trouble adjusting to a new page in the chapter (like taking Luke from one sitter to another in a few weeks) new routine, new wakeup times, etc.


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