Participation Trophy Generation

Comedian Adam Corolla explains the “Entitlement” Generation:
Yes, I know it is 9 minutes long, but give it whirl:


4 Comments on “Participation Trophy Generation”

  1. Nail, meet hammer! That was awesome 🙂


    • says:

      I know!! He is spot-on. Just wish I could come up with the words on my own. Oh well, just post a video of someone else’s words. 🙂


  2. Aunt Jeams says:

    He pretty much sums it up in the last two minutes.

    Get this, I was in charge of a Fall Festival Booth at my kids elementary school. The unfortunate game we were in charge of required NO SKILL whatsoever from the children. It was my job to put the plastic fish on the hook and if there was a star on it they got a prize. Yes, you guessed it. I was the one choosing not, based upon how good they were and to keep trying to succeed. The other parents with me said we need to let everyone win because someone would be sad or it’s not fair or not right. Sooo…..we have this one 5th grader (not Kindergartener) who just stayed at our booth and kept getting prizes. So I gave him a fish without a star. He got MAD and proceeded to take a prize anyway since he felt he deserved it. When I stopped him and told him the rule he said, “You are just the lady that decides which fish to put on, I should get a prize. So put a star on mine.” I said, “I AM the one who decides and you have been here enough times taking lots of our prizes, it’s not fair for the other kids. Plus, not everyone wins all the time. He stormed off and yelled ,” I’m NEVER coming back to your booth again.” I said, “Good that is your choice. When you are ready to take a chance like everyone else to see if you win or not then and only then can you come back. ”



    • That future Obama supporter will be marching with the OWS. We are seeing the first generation of Entitlement occupying Wall Street because things did not go there way, they did not get a star on their fish so they sleep in a park until they get their way.


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