Madaghan’s New Suite-Update


After my free Veteran’s Day steak at Texas Roadhouse, Maddie and I headed over to Lumber Liquidators to pick her wood floor. Thinking that the wood planks came in a box that could easily fit into the Saturn, I decided not to borrow a pick up truck. Wrong decision. The planks come wrapped in ties and weigh about 80 pounds each bundle.  Maddie and I left Lumber Liquidators empty handed….


The next morning, I borrowed my friend Joey’s pick up truck. We loaded all 15 bundles and carried each one up the stairs and into Madaghan’s room:

Did you know that a wood floor can not be installed the same day you buy it?



You both knew? Did everyone know except for me?? Oh well. Laurie and I laid all the pieces out so they can lay around for a few days and get acclimated to the humidity blah blah blah. Plus, we wanted to make sure we had enough and go through each bundle tossing the shitty ones out the window for Joey to burn in wood stove:

  This is what the room will look like after I get it all nailed (stapled) down:

Yes, she has her own tree

Looks like I have next weekend planned out for me…gonna be a floor-stapling fool.

Click here to read the beginning of the Suite Saga.

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6 Comments on “Madaghan’s New Suite-Update”

  1. Looks awesome man. Thank goodness for Captian Obvious


  2. Water and wood: Changes in moisture content (mc) are important with all wood products since changes in moisture content can cause changes in their shape. Consider how wooden doors or drawers will often swell during “moist” times and are prone to “sticking”, while they move with ease during the “dry” times of the year. Changes in the moisture content of wood flooring are especially important because of the accumulated force that develops within the large single plane of material that a wood floor represents. Wood flooring strips or planks will swell during moist times and jamb tighter together. One indication of excessive moisture in a wood floor can be seen as “cupping” or “crowning” or a disfigurement of the normal smooth plane within or between the individual strips or planks. If a floor is flooded or an extreme level of moisture is allowed to penetrate the flooring strips or planks, it will begin to act and move as a single large unit. If there is sufficient room for the boards or planks to expand and move, they will lift and buckle. If not, it will virtually crush anything in its path. The “expansion gap” conscientious wood flooring contractors leave around the perimeter of the floor is to give the strips or planks room to move (even buckle if necessary) as moisture content rises. The pressures expressed by the changes in moisture content within the cellular structure of wood are enormous. They can bend steel and fracture stone.


  3. Aunt Jeams says:

    What a great dad! It looks so great that next time we’ll stay for 3 weeks vs. 3 days. 🙂


  4. […] Madaghan’s New Suite-Update ( […]


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