Halloween Party 2011


12″  of snow and a power outage could not stop us from having our annual Halloween party.  We planned a scary walk for over a year complete with fireworks, maniac with a chain saw and lots of effects but Mother Nature had other plans.

 I finally got have my “wait a moment” moment. Around 9 pm with Lady GaGa in full blast on the jukebox, beer flowing, and pole dancing  just underway the power went out. Kids screamed. Somone said:” Oh shit, party’s over” and my friend Doug said..”nope, just wait a few seconds” and CLICK! the power came back on. All we had to do was wait for the jukebox to boot back up (runs on Windows XP). That was it. People were happy. And I wanted to hug my generator. Ok, technicly Doug got to say “nope, just wait a few seconds” but does not matter, it was cool to be in the middle of a black out and the party continue.

Despite the Scary Walk being cancelled, and a few of our friends cancelling (no four wheel drive) we had a blast. Here are the pics:

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4 Comments on “Halloween Party 2011”

  1. Even Rob and Laura Petrie could not have thrown a home party as fine as yours. All the boyos and ghouls obvioulsy had a fantastic time. Your Irish ancestors, who invented Halloween you know, would have been very proud.


  2. That looks like it was superb fun! Beetlejuice had me LOL’ing 🙂

    As did you at the pole… HAHAHAHA!!!!


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