Madaghan’s New Suite

We got rid of a bedroom yesterday. We are now officially a two bedroom, one bar house.

Why get rid of a bedroom?

1. We don’t have enough guests to justify a guest room.
2. Madaghan’s toys, crayons, dolls, have taken over the living room. Now, she has a hang out of her own.
3. It can be converted back to a bedroom very easily.
4. Guests can still sleep overnight in the room.



AFTER (sort of)


Of course there is still plenty left to do. New flooring, new drywall etc. But, it is a start.


13 Comments on “Madaghan’s New Suite”

  1. Eugene says:

    Is that a wall mount for her new 70in tv too, next to the opening? lol


  2. Eugene says:

    niiice lucky her. she rolling in style.


  3. Diane says:

    What did u do with that really comfy bed??


  4. This is how it starts…and when she is 40 and still living at home don’t come crying to me.
    Seriously, “guest bedrooms” are ridiculous. Better to use the space every day instead on just twice a year. But if you have the bar and Maddie has her toy room when does Laurie get her room ? Hmmmmm ?


  5. Very nice! But you realize you could have also just thinned out the toy herd, right?? 😉


  6. Anonymous says:

    You’ve been wanting to do this. Looks awesome for Maddie, how cool!


  7. Mergerbreath the 3rd. says:

    I am ananymous…….MBthe3rd!!!!!!!!!!


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  9. […] Click here to read the beginning of the Suite Saga. […]


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