Vacation 2011 Day 2: Emabassy-Suites

When we last left our heroes…we were wondering if there were rooms available at the Inn:
Day 2 was your basic, sleep, wake up have breakfast, check out your surroundings, go into pool / jacuzzi, go back to bed day.
Here are the pics from day 2:

Finally made it to bed.

Breakfast time!


Room 303!

Hurricane? What hurricane?

How cool do I look?

Evacuaton, Schmackuation

Jump In!!!

Beer room service?

The bike patrol!Lunch at Brewery. Here is the sampler.The sampler in living color

Laurie's favorite brew- The People's Porter

Brian's favorite. All of them, plus the nachos.

Blonde haired girl in the park

Night Manager's evening drink time.

Crown? Check.

Dinner at the steakhouse.


Stay tuned for Day 3.


2 Comments on “Vacation 2011 Day 2: Emabassy-Suites”

  1. Eugene says:

    like you haven’t rolled down a hill for no reason?


A good bartender always listens....

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