First Day of Kindergarten!!

I interrupt your regulary scheduled blog with some breaking news:

Madaghan started Kindergarten today!!

Off we go!


Is the Jeep sticker trying to tell us something?


One small step for Maddie, one giant leap for the parents


One last blurry pic


The first day in a word was: chaotic. The school, to us, seemed to be on auto-pilot. Kids running around willy-nilly, no one really sure where to go. Laurie and I were not all that comfortable leaving Madaghan. But, perhaps it is just us being rookie parents? Perhaps it is an organized chaos?  To us, if Madaghan at any point said:” fuck it, I am outta here” and just got up and left, no one would notice. Scary. We are lucky Maddie is a smart, tough girl.


9 Comments on “First Day of Kindergarten!!”

  1. Eugene says:

    awww did she bring and apple for the teacher. Love the shoes and the Hello Kitty backpack, very stylish.


  2. shoes says:

    Well hello there and thanks for the pingback. I hope Madaghan has a wonderful first day of Kindergarten. Cody rode the bus to his first day so I can imagine his classroom being calm and zenlike. Nope, no chaos there. I am sure of it. 🙂


  3. Grammie Pammie says:

    just organized chaos and first time parents……………….what a mix!!!!!!
    Maddie looked too cool for school


  4. bonnie says:

    she looked great hope she had a blast!!!!


  5. I have had “first days” for my four kids and all were tough. Then had the FIRST DAY with my grandchildren Thought I would die from the grief and worry. They told me

    “Don’t worry Yaya, we know how to do all this” and somehow they do. Of course that still did not stop me from stalking her while hiding in the bushes.

    Go Maddie go!


  6. T says:

    Cutie patootie! Love the pics. Congratulations to you all!


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