Vacation 2011 Day 1: Escape the Hurricane.

Irene is coming! Irene is coming!

Irene is coming! We had this vacation booked months ago, and figures  a Category 3 hurricane is scheduled to arrive one day after we do. Our plan was to leave Thursday night and head down to Ocean City, Maryland for a couple of days then onto Top Sail Island, North Carolina by the Saturday 3pm check in. 

Irene decided to join in on the fun and wanted to hang out in Ocean City, Md too. But she cheased all the people away and closed the beaches. We got our money back, from the hotel, no problem.


What to do? Cancel Top Sail, NC?

Nope. Damn the flooding, full speed ahead.

The O’Shea’s are still headed to North Carolina. Obviously going to skip Ocean City MD,  but still head down the coast in the hopes when the storm passes, Top Sail escapes unscathed.



“You guys are idiots and extremely foolish”


Or so we heard over and over. Foolish or smart? See the vacation is already paid for and yes we bought insurance.



 “Smart move, well done Dad.”

Thanks, Super-Dad. Now go bake something. Where was I? oh Insurance…they only pay for those nights that there is a mandatory evacuation. That’s it. The only condition you get all your money back is if the mandatory evacuation is more then 3 days. 

So now we are in New York, Irene is a comin’; vacation clock a tickin’..and the 64 thousand dollar question: Where to?


We decided to head to Winston-Salem. Why? Why not? I thought Raleigh we be inundated with evacuees and Winston-Salem was far enough west to be out of the storm. We made reservations at the Embassy-Suites for Friday afternoon check in.


Thursday night we packed the car then stopped at Luigi’s before heading out:


Aaaaand of we go!


5:10 pm: We are the blue dot on the map heading to the red pin:

Off to Winston-Salem

7 pm: Somewhere in the great state of West Virginia, we decided to stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner. I heard their food was good, but what  I did not know was that they doubled as a furniture-slash-children’s toy store.

West, Virgina Cracker-Barrel for Dinner!


Challenges to be had at the table


I got a dress from the gift shop!

We ate a shitty dinner, bought a dress for Maddie in the gift shop and continued on our way to Winston-Salem.

Like I said before, we had reservations at Embassy Suites for a Friday afternoon check in at 3. But, it was Thursday night at 8pm and we are well on our way..gscheduled to be in Winston Salem at midnight…what to do..what to do..



4 Comments on “Vacation 2011 Day 1: Escape the Hurricane.”

  1. Eugene says:

    Did Irene ruin your vacation? Question, how did you change the “Leave Comment” to “Don’t be shy, let me hear ya!” or is that just the default on the theme you used.


    • Brian OShea says:

      Irene did not ruin our vacation. In fact, Irene only made us miss out on Ocean City, MD. We went to Winston-Salem instead. More to come on the next blog post.

      I changed the “Leave Comment” because I am simply awesome.

      OK, truth be told, this theme I am using allows you to customize that part.


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