BBQ at the Forstner’s

Yesterday our friends Becky and Mike F had a BBQ to celebrate their son’s Mike graduation from Army Airborne school. We arrived at 3pm, early as usual, and I brought along Kan Jam:

The following is a video of an example of how to play Kan-Jam…these people, albeit funny are not us (but could be):


What do you do after you get all heated up playing Kan-Jam?

Well, you hang out with your fans!

Doug is getting blown by a big fan of his.

Madaghan decided to do some modeling:

Don't look at my feet!

I wish I took more pictures but there was a BBq going on and drinks to be had. I finally remembered that I had an I pHone and could take pictures all willy nilly. So, while Doug was setting up for his fireworks display, I snapped a few pictures. Please forgive the blurriness.

Careful...that stuff can kill you

4" shells. I think. Ok, I have no idea..would have to ask Doug.

We all had a great time, BBQ, drinks, and fireworks. Thanks Mike and Becky! And congratulations Mike Jr. for learning how to jump out of airplane properly.


2 Comments on “BBQ at the Forstner’s”

  1. Little girls feet are suppossed to be dirty but I would definately keep her far away from Mr Frigidaire


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