Madaghan’s Vegetable Stand

On Saturday, we brought down Harvest 2011 to Laurie’s parents house on Long Island:


The plan was to set up a Vegetable & Lemonade Stand for Madaghan so she can sell the vegetables from her garden and of course, she would keep all the money she made.

First, Laurie made a sign and put it on the car window that was parked right out in front : 



Next, we got the stand ready. Ok, it was a piece of plywood on sawhorses covered by a tablecloth, but really, what else do you need?

Yes, that is Madaghan under the table

Next, we brought out all the vegetables and set them on the table:


But before we officially open, we must do a practice run:

Finally, before the first customer arrives,  what do  you do for last minute preparation? Brush your hair of course!:

Gotta...get....the knots...out...

After the practice run, the dress is on and the hair is brushed, we are now open for business:

May I offer you some squash?

First Customer!!


Second customer! (Jemma from next door!)

After the second customer, I stopped taking pictures because…we got busy! Holy cow Long Islanders looove their vegetables! Even the pickles at $5 bucks a jar sold out!

Laurie's Home Made pickles!


Sold out!! (mostly)


When all was said and done,  only half the lemonade remained, a few butternut squash and the weird looking tomatoes remained.

Maddie walked away with 50 bucks!

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6 Comments on “Madaghan’s Vegetable Stand”

  1. Those weird looking tomatoes look like Heirloom tomatoes. They are delish!

    Congrats to Madaghan on her capitalist venture!!


  2. Eugene says:

    WOOOOOW!!! Good Job Maddie!! Does that first customer have a shopping list? LOL Or is that the price list? You got a little entrepreneur on your hands.


  3. Fantastic ! I’ve been running a Farmers Marker all summer for our group of 25 farmers and NO BODY”S table looked as good as your girls. She can join our farmer group anytime. All she has to do is move to Central Illinois. Do you think she would like to learn how to milk cows ? The raw milk is great for hair and skin.


    • Thank you for the nice compliments!! Move to Central Illinois? Maybe when I retire in 6 years, but for now how about a summer intenship? Instead of summer camp, we’ll ship her off to you for the summer! 🙂


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