Company Picnic (Again)

On Saturday Laurie’s company held mandatory fun day. This year marks the third time she is in charge of planning such an event. In case you missed it, here are the links:

 Mandatory Fun Year One

 Mandatory Fun Year two.

Planning an event like this takes alot of work. It is alot of pressue to please 200+ adults and kids. Laurie hit it off once again.


She rented alot of inflatables from Myers Fun Services from Ballston Spa, New York for the kids. A professional company with alot of awesome jump houses and they and tons of things to do- Field events, games, prizes, great staff.

 I did not take a picture of the inflatables that were a water slide because I am a dummy.


A free soft-serve ice cream truck. That is right, free. Just walk right up and order. Cost nothing. Nada. Zip. OK, the company foot the bill, but that is what a company picnic is for.


She had a clown for the little ones too. Here is Macaroni the Clown with Madaghan the Pop-Star performing. He is a graduate of Barnum and Bailey clown college and not only kept the kids laughing, but the adults too. He stayed for about an hour riding around on his unicycle and just kind of..I can’t say it. No…I won’t…


He stayed for about an hour riding around on his unicycle and just kind of.. clowned around. it out.


Oh, and of course there was the dunk-tank. All the managers were supposed to take their turn in the tank. Each manager had a set time to go in. But like most upper-management excuses were made, reasons were hatched, meetings were held and not many of them held their end of the bargain.

My wife sat in the tank for her turn:

I only dunked her once.



Then, it was Madaghan’s turn in the dunk tank to show the upper management how it is done:


Next year?

  •  A new caterer. Home-Style Catering…you are fired. Why? That is what happens when you leave the job 2 hours early and your burgers suck.
  • A Clean-Up Crew. Because me, Maritza and her husband Mickey are not doing it again!!

I think good times were had by all, especially the kids. Which a Company Family picnic is all about.


5 Comments on “Company Picnic (Again)”

  1. Eugene says:

    Did ya get the blow up slip n slide? I would totally buy one for my house when I get one.


  2. Yes we did. the exact one we had here at my house.


  3. Yes! yes it is. Nice catch there, Eagler-Eye. We did the baseball slide, penquin, and torpedo all in your honor. We did the beach whale in my honor.


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