Bar Build 049: Things I Have Learned Building A Bar Volume 2

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Some of you may remember Volume 1. If you don’t click here for a refresher course.

Here is another list of stuff I learned and want to share with you in case any of you decide to build your bar in your home. This list will probably work for those that want to build a Home Theater too:

  • It is more expensive than I thought
  • It is taking alot longer than I thought. See above.
  • I spent more time looking for my measuring tape than actually using it
  • As a guideline, the keg should not be hooked up until the bar is done. Otherwise, what is the rush to get things done?
  • Sheetrock is both awesome and makes want to punch the cat.
  • The shelving you purchased will likely be 2 or so inches too wide to fit through any of the openings in the wall.
  • A Saturn Vue will not accomodate 2x4x10s. Not matter how hard you try, it won’t.
  • Everytime I learn something new about woodworking, I also learn I don’t know shit.
  • Building a bar on your own is like an onion. So many layers, all make you cry.
  • Pre Wiring is a do it yourselfer’s best friend.
  • The black wire is the hot wire.
  • Fractions are hard to add
  • Construction adhesive sticks to your hand better than it sticks to wood.
  • Take all screws out of your pockets BEFORE putting them in the laundry.
  • Speaking of screws, always buy 3 pounds more than you need.
  • Blood on drywall is VERY noticeable to the wife.
  • Always double the estimate on how much time something will take because nothing takes “just 5 minutes”
  • Golden Rule: 90% of a job takes 90% of the time.
    The remaining 10% of the job takes another 90% of the time.
  • 4 year olds want to help.
  • 4 year olds want to help while barefoot.
  • 4 years olds always find that screw on the floor while barefoot.



9 Comments on “Bar Build 049: Things I Have Learned Building A Bar Volume 2”

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  3. Eugene says:

    But the finished product will be amazing. 🙂


  4. Me says:

    You need to submit this to “This Old House” magazine…….hilarious


  5. This is so damn quotable. I have to add that “onion” line to the H&B quotes line. Freakin’ priceless!


  6. Seadog (from Wrangler Forum) says:

    I feel your pain. I have been rebuilding a house for the the last 4 1/2 years. It never ends.

    And everyone of your quotes is dead on.

    seadog on WF


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