Madaghan Graduates Pre-K!

On Friday, June 24 Madaghan achieved a milestone. She went to the spa! I am kidding. Today she graduated from pre-K to Kindergarten. I bet you did not know there was a ceremony for this sort of thing, but there is.
But before we get to the main event, we must make a pit stop at the day spa. Around 11am, Laurie took Madaghan to the Pineapple Day Spa for hair and nail appointment:

Getting her hair done at Pineapple Day Spa

Anything but corn rows, thanks.
Finishing touches on the make up. Holy shit I am in trouble.


I'm ready for my close-up!

After the day spa it was off to the ceremony at the pre school.  Maddie went off into her classroom and Laurie, myself Mi-Ma and Poppy all waited outside because no one was allowed into the make shift gym until 1:30 and since it was 1:20, you could see the school was really a stickler for the rules. I like that. Especially when certain family members were allowed in and others were not. I like inconsistency in when it comes to enforcing the rules even better then I like silly rules. Some families can only bring 6 guests as clearly stated in the forms sent home while other families, only the special one can bring problem. You. Are. Special. 
Where was I? Oh the ceremony…

The stage is set. Sorry....the floor is set.


All the graduate's names are on the cake. Maddie's name is bottom-right.

Madaghan lined up for her diploma.

But first! A musical number. It is called a tooty ta or some shit like that. It was cute, funny and Maddie really let her performance shine through:

Singing a song..
And now the big moment……Maddie gets her diploma! Whoo Hoo!

Maddie recieves her diploma!

Mi Ma and Maddie strike a pose


Maddie and her teachers Ms. Jen and Ms. Carly.


So happy to be showing off her new dress!


Happy Girl..the cookie matches the dress


Maddie celebrating with her friend Clarissa!


Why does this look like it could be a pic from 2024?


Maddie tries a different pose


Bye! Thanks for reading!


8 Comments on “Madaghan Graduates Pre-K!”

  1. hanesian says:

    Congrats! Don’t blink now … or that photo really WILL be from her high school graduation in 2024! And (based on personal experience) forbidding them from growing up doesn’t seem to work either!


  2. Very very cute. Better start those college applications now !


  3. Dude, better start keeping the shotgun ready 😉

    Congrats to Maddie!!


  4. Jeanmarie says:

    congrats Maddie!!!! You are such a big girl now!!!!


  5. Grammie Pammie says:

    Congradulations Madagahan You look so beautiful


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