Madaghan is on the Juice

Tonight is a milestone night in the life of Madaghan. Tonight Ladies and Gentleman she asked for………………….wait for it………..a few more dots…………CARROTS! Yes! She asked if she could have carrots! Laurie and I were flabbergasted. So for dinner, Laurie cooked up come carrots and served them to the cherub:

Carrots? Yes! Carrots. (The Orange ones)

About halfway through dinner, Maddie decided that she did not like carrots. What to do What to do?  Drink the carrots! Yes! Oh what geniuses we are.  I am so smart I had to google the word “geniuses” to make sure I was typing it correctly. Where was I? Oh.. getting my daughter on the juice….we had the juice machine out already for our dinners and thought Maddie would like drinking carrot juice instead of eating the carrots. Perhaps she is like her father and hates the consistency. (again with the google spell)

As seen on TV

Two carrots and few button pushes later:

Is she gonna like it? No the white stars are not floating in her drink.


Down the hatch.

Carrots make you pose silly.

As you can tell from the pictures, Maddie loved her carrot juice (with one apple). In fact, little does she know she had TWO carrots instead of just one by drinking them!

Go Maddie Go!


4 Comments on “Madaghan is on the Juice”

  1. Good girl Maddie ! Did you know carrot juice makes beautiful soap ? it does. And dad, next time you need help with veggie prep try the book “carrots for dummies”


  2. Sneaky, sneaky!!! But, parents have to do it 😉


  3. […] Madaghan is on the Juice ( […]


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