Fair Oaks Drive In

Laurie and I took Madaghan to the Fair Oaks Drive-In Saturday night. We went to see ”Pirates of The Caribbean: Let’s Run This Franchise A’ Ground.”
Madaghan had a wonderful time hanging out with Nicol and Scott. Truth be told, I think she has a little crush on Nicol’s boyfriend, Scott. I mean really tho, who doesn’t? He is cute as a button. A real dreamboat.
We bought along our new Coleman Max grill, a gift from our friends Doug and Shaun.
Why did they buy me such a awesome gift? Because I dug Doug’s footing for him when they were building their deck. And I am awesome. This thing is great, you can grill, use it as a stove or a griddle, I think it even makes coffee. It is small and portable and runs off those small 5 pounds propane. It cooked up the Shish Ka Bobs as fast as I could say:” gimme a large popcorn.”
Yeah, not happy to report that I lost the battle against the Evil Popcorn Pirates and the Swashbuckling Pretzels. Damn, once they get mustard on them those pretzels are relentless bastards. I did gain only 2 pounds, so could be have been alot worse. 9 beers did not help either. Come Monday, (tomorrow) back to walking to the Juice Bar and hitting the gym.
Good news is the movie was good and Madaghan had a blast playing frisbee, eating snacks and playing chase with Scotty too Hotty.
About half way through the movie, Maddie was out cold in the backseat. Good times.

Sorry about the lack of pics. I forgot my camera. I think Scott took some pics and hopefully I will be able to get the pics from him and post them.


2 Comments on “Fair Oaks Drive In”

  1. I loved the drive-in. It was so much more inviting, to me anyway. Last time I went to one we were stationed in Hawaii, and we would go every week, since it was pretty cheap.

    Good news is, they are rebuilding the old Mission Drive-In down here. Bad news is, it’s on the southside, which translates to “the bad part of town”. Here’s hoping the revitalization of South San helps in that department!!


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