Pool Install

We finally had the pool installed on Thursday. The pool has been sitting in my garage since sometime in December. The guys showed up bright and early 7am and got right to work. Enjoy the slide show of there progress!

33 foot around 29,000 gallons of water. Took 5 tanker trucks to fill! Ahhh.. my own private pond..

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10 Comments on “Pool Install”

  1. Eugene says:

    SWEEEEEET!!!! Can’t wait to jump in. Deck to surround it in the future?


  2. Wow. So you bought a tanker truck of water? How much did that cost? We got very low on water this winter. I was luck as I managed to get a free tanker truck from another farm. I wondered how much it would have cost if bought. Enjoy your cool pool!


    • Hey Walt!! I am on well water, so I had to truck in water. Otherwise, I will burn out the well pump. Each truck was 270 bucks. We need 5 trucks. Still, better then having to replace my well pump.


  3. seppa says:

    the bears are gonna love it !!!


  4. Jeanmarie says:



  5. First a new bar and now a pool. You must love your relatives


  6. Thanks for this resourse, I am considering talking about the same in my website.


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