Pool Build and Garden Build

Here at the O’Shea Estates it is not all just Bar Build. We actually do things outside too. Recently, we have been working on Laurie’s garden and getting the yard ready for the pool.

On April 9th we cut the big grandfather tree in the front:

That is alot of wood left over. How did I get rid of it so fast you wonder? Craig’s List! I posted an ad on CL and they came a runin’. The wood  was semi-rotten and not good for burning in a wood burning stove, but alot of people like to use this shit wood for burning camp-fires. One guy showed up with a dump truck. A few hours later, all that wood was gone.

Here is what the garden looks like after Laurie worked her butt off today:

Laurie added another level..which meant yet another one of her rock walls. I swear people are going to pay her to build these things.

What else?

Oh…the pool. We need to dig into the side of the hill. The pool is to big and if we don’t dig into the side of the hill, the pool will rest on top of the leech field of the septic system. Not good.

Of course as I was digging I hit a rock the size of a VW Beetle. I had to call in re inforcements.

Reinforcements arrive. Thanks Joe Russek!



After the rock was removed, I got back to work digging into the side of the hill. Here is what it looked like April 25th:

Now here is what it looks like today:

See? not everything going on around here revolves around a bar.


7 Comments on “Pool Build and Garden Build”

  1. Not everything I suppose 😉

    Off topic, I hope today you find yourself rejoicing in a small measure of satisfaction. It will never be enough, IMO. We killed the man, but not the idea.


  2. Laurie has some great wall building skills. In county Clare she could make a good amount of dough. Watch her close. Shes a valuable commodity. Well done Mrs O’Shea !


  3. Jeanmarie says:

    Wow! We should hire her to build our border walls! Whoa! Who said that??!


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