Bar Build 046: Outswing French Door Install

Wednesday morning Home Improvement contractor Danny showed up to install the Anderson Outswing French Door in the bar.  Since I was stuck at work, my friend AJ was kind enough to hang out in the bar all day while Danny cuts into the foundation of the house.

Danny cut into the concrete like, well…like a diamond blade cuts into concrete. Not fun, not easy, and extremely messy. This concrete shit gets everywhere. Danny had a tarp hanging from the ceiling down to the floor, the electronics were covered with drop clothes, the liquor bottles had blankets over them, and the cat was safely locked in the bathroom. When the cutting was done, he wanted to use the tractor to pull the cut part out away from the house. AJ called me at work inquiring about the use of  the tractor you see in the picture below. Of course I said:” No problem!, that is what the Big Mean Orange Machine is for. ” Danny started it up, drove it from its parked spot over to the door, cut the engine to…well…I am not sure why he cut the engine, but he did and it would not start back up again. Why would it? I guess Big Mean Orange Machine had better things to do? Maybe Big Mean Orange Machine had her period and dammit she ain’t workin’ today. Who knows. I tried to talk AJ through all the safety cut off switches and nothing. But then it dawned on me…Uncle Karl! He is a tractor mechanic! It is 4pm and he gets off work at 5! Maybe he could swing by? I called his cell. He will stop by after work. Nice. A couple of hours later, AJ calls me and tells me not only did Uncle Karl get the tractor running (stuck saftey switch) but he ran the backhoe and pulled the concrete out, then used the bucket to toss it into the backyard. Uncle Karl rules.

By the time I got home it was past 5 and things have moved along:


Danny installing the door as the tractor creepily looks on between the ladder.


View from the outside. Pardon our appearence..but Danny is messy.


7:25 pm..door framed out, and it is goin' in.


It be in yo!


Doors open out

Doors open all the way out and fold against the house.


Door open-another view from outside.

 Now I have some trim work to do and finish it up and make it all look pretty. Oh..and a whole lotta concrete dust to pick up.

Very special thanks to Danny!

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13 Comments on “Bar Build 046: Outswing French Door Install”

  1. seppa says:

    “stuck at work”………….you poor thing

    and is that Tommy inspecting in thelast picture ????


    • Yes, Tommy did the inspection and he was most pleased. He can watch the entire backyard now.


      • Moyhami says:

        that, let me reveal to you ecaltxy what did work. The article (parts of it) can be extremely engaging and this is most likely why I am taking an effort to opine. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, although I can certainly notice a jumps in reason you come up with, I am not really convinced of how you appear to unite your points which in turn help to make the conclusion. For right now I will subscribe to your issue but trust in the near future you actually link your facts much better.


  2. Eugene says:

    Sweeeet!! looks awesome.


  3. Maybe Big Mean Orange Machine had her period and dammit she ain’t workin’ today.

    Dang your hide!! I spewed my coffee everywhere!!!

    Congrats on your friends, by the way 😉


  4. So it’s always the females fault eh ? “Stuck safety switch ” Yeah right, someone forgot the fuel I suspect. And calling her “creepy” for all the internet world may not be so smart.Have you not seen any Stephen King movies ?


    • Brian OShea says:

      Ha ha ha. I am not sure why all of a sudden my tractor became female in this post. I hope she doesn’t pull a Christine and come alive only to bury me in the backyard. I should go out there right now and apologize to the Big Mean Orange Machine.

      The safety switch just needs to be replaced, it keeps getting stuck in the :Don’t-Let-The-Engine-Turn-Over position.


  5. Mom says:

    one small step out for man, one giant leap for a cat!! Cat thinks he’ll stay inside.
    The doors look fantastic


  6. Aunt Cindy says:

    WOW I’m really impressed! Great job with the bar. Now that the French doors are in, ready for that deck?!!


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