Rock Removal

Today was an exciting day in these parts. I finally got to remove a cluster of stumps and rocks right smack dab in the middle of where the pool is going. This cluster of rocks have been the bane of existence since we moved into this house. They have just plain and simply been in the way. 

So today my tractor called his bigger friend over to play. I have hoe envy. Ok, my Kubota did not call the ‘ol Case backhoe. Truth be told, my friend Keith from Russek Contracting (845) 733-6045 needed to borrow my tractor to dig a skinny trench, and I needed to borrow his tractor to rip out stumps. Give him a call if you need a house built, some kitchen updates, perhaps an extension, or just some stumps removed.

Hoe envy

The picture below shows the cluster of rocks and stumps that I have been trying to remove for a while now.

Rip that stump up!

Holy jeez this was one tough suunvabitch. Ripping the stump from that angle was not working so Keith decided to tackle the cluster from a different angle.

Try the stump from a different angle


It worked!


The picture above looks like a metor landed in my backyard. All that hard work for three stumps fused together over giant boulders 4 ft down in the ground. One step closer to the pool. Now, I gotta fill that hole with stone.


13 Comments on “Rock Removal”

  1. seppa says:

    fill the hole with some water and call it a pool !!!


  2. That is what Keith (backhoe operator) was saying! He asked:” Should I just keep digging and we’ll it an in-ground pool?


  3. Jason says:

    I say keep digging and make yourself a pool. If thats not where you want a pool, then perhaps It can be a jacuzzi or mud hole. I recun you do kinda dun live in the stix and isn’t it be done law in yer parts to have a good ‘old fashioned mud pit? Why heck! Git er dun Oshea!


  4. ChopperPapa says:

    send that backhoe down my way when you’re done with it.


  5. Hm, maybe you could do a mud bath and have a side spa next to the bar??


  6. Here I am thinking this poor O’Shea guy lives in urbanville with the harsh city to deal with everyday and of course why shouldn’t he build a nice bar in his home he deserves it doesn’t he ? And then I see this great backyard that looks better at end of winter than our farm does in mid summer and on top of that he’s putting in a POOL ?? Thats it. I hereby withdraw all my sympathy.


    • Wait! Before you withdraw all sympathy please know that I do have to drive to NYC everyday and deal with all the smut, smog, and filth. Truth be told, I live about an hour and a half north of NYC. I own 5 acres which borders about a billion acres of New York State hunting land / forest conservatory.

      Thank you for the compliment on my backyard tho, much appreciated.


  7. I’m thinking you need to expand your basement bar.


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