Filling a Trench

Last year for some reason I dug a trench into our side yard.  Here is a picture of what the trench look like during the first major rain storm:

Working good!

Nice right? I was going to line the edge with rocks,  fill the trench with round river stone and stand back and admire my handywork. 
“Why the hell did you decide to fill it fatty?”
First of all you are bald, your cape is stupid and your face is ridiculous. Second, I will tell you why I decided to fill the trench in.  At first, the trench was working but then I found trying to navigate the yard with the tractor was a pain in the ass, the trench kept filling with leaves.  So I decided to fill it in and cover it with dirt. That would explain the 25 tons of stone dumped onto my lawn the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Do you have any idea how annoying the back up signal on a dump truck is the day after St. Patrick’s Day at 8am? I do. It physically hurts.

Everyone must get stoned.

My head hurt from the delivery. Then again, it might had something to do with my St. Patrick’s Day CLICK HERE. When the truck left, I went back to bed.

4 hours of sleep and a couple of Excedrins later,I got back up ready to dig a trench. 

Whoops. Hit the water main.

 I cleared all the leaves and filled the trench with rocks then covered the stones with landscape fabric.

Trench filled with lotsa stone


I forgot to snap a picture of the trench with landscape fabric, so CLICK HERE to see what it would look like. ..I’ll wait. I grabbed some dirt from the front of the house and dumped it onto the trench finally filling it in.

Stone covered with dirt


Finally done! So glad that trench is filled in. We got our side yard back and better yet..parking for the next event! Whoo hoo!.


4 Comments on “Filling a Trench”

  1. I take it the rocks still let drainage, right?

    More parking FTW!!!


  2. Woody says:

    You need to come do some work around my house.


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