Bar Build 045: Slate-B-Gone

Sunday afternoon I attacked the slate tile by the garage door, because it needed to go. This is one of the tasks I have been dreading since we decided to go and build a bar. Ripping stone off cement is not a fun or easy task. But, I had the tools to make the job a little easier:

Only grey, black, and white maybe in this picture


In the above picture you see an air hammer, my work gloves, mask, hearing protection with i-pod. That air hammer worked like a charm. I attacked the stone with that air hammer like Lyndsey Lohan attacks a line of coke…relentless. The air hammer was easy to control, slicing through the slate with little effort. I had to be carful not to hammer into existing concrete and I admit I did dig a little too deep in a couple of spots. But, overall the job was difficult but not impossible.

Getting started


Making some dust

It was so dusty, that I could not even take a picture of the finished job.  According to nerds and guys that have never dated a woman, those are not dust particles in the picture, but spiritual orbs. 

To dusty to even take a picture


Getting one step closer to the wood floor.


7 Comments on “Bar Build 045: Slate-B-Gone”

  1. Ah yes Brian, I spoke of your blog today on my blog. Now you are famous and should soon get lots of uninvited visitors to your new bar/pub. You’re welcome


  2. Awwww… I love slate tile, but only for walls, and agree that wood flooring is a must in a bar.

    Sorry I have been slacking off from your blog, but have had family issues, along with hubby’s deployment, and now SPRING BREAK with which to contend. And Lent…can’t forget Lent…

    If anyone needs a bar, it is me… 😉


  3. Murray says:

    That does indeed look like an ugly job. It would have been really high on my list of Jobs to Procrastinate On 🙂


  4. […] set in stone phases. Read all about ripping up the stone and the dust storm created by clicking HERE . Go ahead, I’ll […]


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