Bar Build 043: Bench Day Two

My father in law came up from Long Island again this morning. This bench is taking longer then expected, but it is coming out nicely. The hardest part was deciding on the actual height of the bench; the part where your hiney actually goes. We settled on 15″ from the floor, with 3″ of foam added that should be about 18″. I wanted to be as close as a restaurant booth as possible.

Here are today’s pics:

Ripping plywood in the garage.


First Layer being nailed down

Next is a pic of Dad slacking on the job. The bottom part is the correct height, but the back cushion is NOT going to be that big! I borrowed the couch cushion just to get an idea.


Scond layer supports


Second layer done


Up next is putting the rest of the plywood down for the bench and plywood for the back.


8 Comments on “Bar Build 043: Bench Day Two”

  1. hanesian says:

    This is getting exciting! But I hope you docked your FIL’s pay for the few minutes he was on the phone and not working. What was he thinking – loafing on the job like that?



  2. Woody says:

    Hey, you’re finally getting back to work! Kegs all ran dry eh?


  3. ChopperPapa says:

    If only I was that talented….Gonna look great!


  4. […] Bar Build: Bench Day Two ( […]


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